Thursday, May 18, 2006

Milinkito's Index of 80s Videos @ YouTube

A kinky sex ritual in Finnish way? No, it's an Armi & Danny video from the 80s!

It's the mullet hour! has created an index of 1980s music videos on YouTube, with lots of interesting clips included. Finland is also represented there -- by Armi (RIP) & Danny's "immortal" 'I Wanna Love You Tender' (which has already sent out shockwaves of horror to Net surfers around the world). Lordi and Eurovision, eat your heart out -- this is the real Suomi horrorpop!

And if this was not enough FinnCheese for you, you masochists may also check out Bogart Company's (a chart-busting pop act from Turku, Finland) 'Princess' (ca. 1985).


(Sorry, I never got to made that 1990s-the present YouTube list I promised. Blame it on lazyitis and my disillusion with the whole thing...)


zache_ said...

Mutta kuinka omituisia näistä saakaan vain pienellä

Mielitty said...

Psykedeelinen Armi ja Danny -video on tietääkseni vuodelta 1978. Ko. videolla on viihdytetty meillä ihmisiä aina välillä.

Juri said...

As I said to my beloved wife while watching Danny & Armi: "I've always thought that the song is quite nice actually. Great melody, nice catchy riffs and all." But the video... what was the choreographer thinking? Was she/he maybe having a hangover?

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