Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Finnish Futu-Pop & Goth-Rock Video Clips of the Early 80s

Yle Elävä Arkisto has compiled some video clips of Finnish "futu" synthpop, goth-rock bands and clubs of the early 1980s, featuring such acts as Tyhjät Patterit ("Empty Batteries"; of which I've never heard before, I have to admit), Stressi, Jimi Sumén, Hefty Load, Musta Paraati and Helsinki's Bela Lugosi club:

More info @ pHinnWeb:

  • FinnScene: The Early Years - Synthpop
  • FinnScene: The Early Years

    Jari Nikkola said...

    Haven't heard of Tyhjät Patterit before? You oughta check out their awesome "Luolamaalauksia" EP then. Great alternative synth pop from 1983 or so. It is still available in 12" vinyl at least in some record shops in Helsinki.

    pHinn said...

    If you have the discography info, you might leave it here in comments or e-mail me. Thanks :)

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