Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Jimi Tenor & His Shamans + Circle + Bad Vugum Videos

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans: 'Unknown Gender' (directed by Jimi Tenor, 1992)

More Jimi Tenor & His Shamans; this video is from Fear Of A Black Jesus (Bad-28, Bad Vugum, 1992), the band's last album before the Shamans split and Jimi launched his solo career.

Courtesy of Tommi Forsström (If Society Records), who has now uploaded to YouTube the contents of rare Finnish VHS compilations Bad Vugum: From B To V (of Bad Vugum label) and Arctic Fury, featuring videos and live performances from the early 1990s by some now-legendary Finnish indie/punk/metal/avantgarde acts such as Mana Mana, Deep Turtle and Keuhkot; and alongside Jimi Tenor & His Shamans the act maybe most interesting for pHinnWeb, the early videos of postrock/post-Krautrock band Circle, especially of their Meronia era:

Circle: 'Shadow' live, 19 Feb '93, Helsinki

  • Circle: 'Crawatt' (directed by Jorma Mehtonen, 1993)
  • Circle: 'Kyberia' (directed by Mika Taanila, 1994)
  • Circle: 'Espirites' (directed by Petri Hagner, 1994)
  • Circle: 'Gravion' (directed by Petri Hagner, 1995)
  • Circle: 'Surrounding' (directed by Mika Taanila, 1995)