Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tuomas Rantanen: "The Philosopher" EP

Tampere's monotrax (hard percussive techno) artist Tuomas Rantanen celebrates his tenth anniversary -- Rantanen's first release, "Access Denied EP" (Template 8.9) came out on Template/Planet Rhythm in 1999 -- with this new download EP reflecting Tuomas's interest in philosophy (especially that of Martin Heidegger).

Artist: Tuomas Rantanen
Title: The Philosopher EP
Format: download
Label: Armatura Clandestine ACS 006
Date: 13 May 2009


1. Causality
2. Ton Theos
3. Maan
4. Draconian

  • Downloadable @ Juno Records

    Also the Tuomas Rantanen remix for 'Knatterkasten' by Sascha Lupes (Brother Convention, SRR 005) can be downloaded here.
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