Monday, June 01, 2009

Can Anyone Recognize This Video?

Via Jan Jahsonic:

unknown music video, early 1980s

From YouTube: "A very obscure early 80's video in the vein of The Residents. Does anyone know who the artist is and the name of the song? It has been driving me crazy for years!"


thanks for the swift answer, Superjohan! So, the track is 'B' by Colin Newman (of Wire fame), released as a 7" and on his album A-Z (both on Beggars Banquet) in 1980.

  • Colin Newman: 'B' video @ YouTube
  • Colin Newman: 'B' 7" @ Discogs
  • Colin Newman: A-Z LP @ Discogs

    superjohan said...

    Colin Newman - B

    the song is available on iTunes and things.

    Friday said...

    I like the video also a lot and there's an other version on youtube in better quality: