Saturday, February 26, 2005

Apadana Opening Night

Last night at Apadana (ex-Green Grass) again. It was the "official" opening night, with DJs Sane, Sterling (Sami of Cessna) and Kuuro Kädetön Paisti. They had gotten finally their new dance floor running. Sane said, though, that the look of the venue was a bit like "a suburban pub". It wasn't too crowded, so I suggested Sane that they should spend more efforts in advertising. Imatran Voima's Jaska a.k.a. Fresh O Lexx was there too, visiting Tampere, and hanging with Rikos guys. Anyway, actually I was there just to get from Sane my fee for Thursday's Eclectro Lounge. This month I've got less money to spend than usually, so anything extra I can get is really needed now. "We live in a material world..." Piss off, Madonna. So, I didn't spend a long time at Apadana; I hit the road and was soon home again to check BBC's interesting reggae documentary on TV1.