Friday, August 31, 2007

Sonic Temple Assassins: III

Finland's Sonic Temple Assassins has a new 3" CD-R, called III (limited edition of 50!), out on French Ruralfaune label, featuring the tracks 'Kesän keijut' ("Fairies of summer"), 'Kosmos' and 'Kuuma asfaltti' ("Hot asphalt"). 'Kesän keijut' features some Krautrockish influences, with deep orchestral string synths, 'Kosmos' is an Tangerine Dream-esque excursion (recorded live at Mayday! Rock!! Crazyness!!! [sic] home festival in Tampere on Mayday Eve 2007, and also featuring one pHinn...) and 'Kuuma asfaltti' makes me somehow think of Spacemen 3. You can listen one track from this CD-R at Ruralfaune's MySpace site.