Tuesday, June 17, 2008

China Life, The Latest Short Film by Tina Ulevik (Spul Films Australia)

Tina Ulevik: China Life (2008)

Tina Ulevik of Spul Films Australia -- who created the music video for Kompleksi's 'Sara Pain' in 2007 -- has her latest short film finally finished and online, describing it as follows:

"Filmed on location in Suzhou & Shanghai, China, & accompanied by music from Finland's Since November, China Life explores glimpses of China seen through the eyes of a foreign traveller evoking the surreal landscapes of ancient & modern China. The film also acts as a metaphor for searching & belonging."

Also by Tina Ulevik:

  • 'Xenophobic Site' (2006)
  • Spul Films Australia MySpace site has more short films by Tina