Thursday, April 09, 2009

Propaganda: A Secret Wish (1985)

Propaganda: 'p:Machinery'

Propaganda: 'Dr. Mabuse (Anton Corbijn)

'Dr. Mabuse' (Version 2)

Propaganda: 'Duel'

Propaganda: 'Dream Within A Dream'

Lately I've been re-listening to A Secret Wish by Propaganda, a German synthpop act, who released the album in 1985 on ZTT Records, the infamous UK "artpop" label of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art of Noise and Grace Jones fame.

With the Cinemascope-size production by Stephen Lipson and Trevor Horn (THE producer guru of the era), the album is a perfect example of the 1980s megalomania as personified by ZTT (short for Zang Tumb Tumb, a name taken from Marinetti's Futurist poem): melodramatic, pseudo-arty, overproduced and quite enchanting.

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