Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chicks on Speed Dragged Off The Stage At A Spain Festival

Read more about this incident at CoS Tour Diary. Some very grainy footage here, and Chicks on Speed explain here why they don't want them to play.

Chicks On Speed vs male chauvinist insurance pigs in Spain @ Blunderpop blog

off-topic: György Ligeti R.I.P. (His music is heard among all in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.)


Blunderpop said...

Thanks for the link & e viva Suomi !

Finland rules, or so my girlfriend tells me, having spent a few months in Helsinki getting drunk on koskenkorva viina (right spelling? I drank it only once and wow!).

The Blunderpop blog (and thus the COS story) will feature in tomorrow's edition of Belgian daily De Morgen).

We even started planning an actual Blunderpop festival where Spinal Tap comes alive.

Keep those stories coming!

URL: www.blunderpop.blogspot.com



pHinn said...


"Koskenkorva" is right, the most popular Finnish brand of vodka (and "viina" = "liquor" in Finnish). Keep up the great work with Blunderpop! Yes, I might have some stories for you about certain Finnish festival promoters, but perhaps in the future... ;)


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