Thursday, June 22, 2006

Holiday in North Korea / Hercólubus, the Red Planet

Cool! Almost like here in Tampere!

And more spooky things for those of you whose brains are softened by the summer heat of the last days. Here in Tampere a non-Finnish man is handing out mysterious flyers advertising a book called Hercólubus, or the Red Planet. Hercólubus is supposedly a planet in the Barnard Star system, six light years from Earth. Some gnostics believe the planet, 600 hundred times the size of Earth, will affect our world by causing earthquakes, great floods and twisting Earth's axis. We can prevent this by developing our "extrapsychic" mental powers, as the book's late author V. M. Rabolú claims. Or something. [Cheers for the infos, Juri.]

Also watched the Richard Gere film on the "Mothman" phenomenon. Weird things are in the air -- or then, not.