Monday, June 05, 2006

Electrosynth Blog Reviews Kompleksi's Album

Electrosynth blog (London, UK) reviews our yet-to-be-released album, Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco:

"... A terrific overall feel to the album that will sound like no other album you have ever heard. Its hard and heavy at times and wonderfully dark -It has to be released!!"

Wow, I'm blushing now! Thanks for your kind words, Peter.

OK, but if you don't believe Peter here and want to form your opinion instead, we'll now give a chance to the selected people to have their own say on the album. Just send an e-mail to the address phinnweb [at] and tell why exactly YOU should be the person to receive an advance copy of our unreleased album. Subject should be: "KOMPLEKSI ALBUM". We will send during the next month 5 CDR copies of the album to these chosen ones.