Friday, February 15, 2008

Canada's Suction Records Cease Activities

Toronto's Suction Records is one label I've been championing, with their sparkly neo-electro/synthpop sound. I conducted an interview for pHinnWeb on them in September 2003. The ceasing of their activities is marked by one final release, "Now We Are Dead" - Suction Records R.I.P. 12", featuring both Suction's mainmen, Lowfish (a.k.a. Gregory de Rocher) and Solvent (a.k.a. Jason Amm). Bye bye, Suction, and thanks for the memories. From Suction:

N O W _ W E _ A R E _ D E A D

Toronto-based electro artists Solvent and Lowfish have been closely linked since the beginning of their respective careers, due in large part to their co-owned Suction Records label, probably the first, and certainly the weirdest, electro/IDM label to come out of Canada. Both issued their first recordings (via a split Lowfish/Solvent 12" in 1997), and later, debut full-lengths on Suction Records.

The label has remained inactive since 2003; "currently on indefinite hiatus," according to their website ( Well, that indefinite status has come to an end. NOW WE ARE DEAD. That's right, Suction Records is now officially done. But, just as they have continued to do since the label unofficially ceased operations in 2003, Solvent and Lowfish are forging ahead, with a slew of new and upcoming releases and activity.

To mark the passing of Suction Records, Solvent and Lowfish embarked on a series of live shows, together with their friends from Detroit, DJ Team Dethlab. The "Now We Are Dead" tour, took place January 19 to February 2 2008, hitting Toronto, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Hamilton, and Cleveland.

"Now We Are Dead" is also the name of a brand-new 4-track Solvent/Lowfish split 12", strictly limited to 400 copies with 2 exclusive tracks each. This will be the final Suction Records release and will be available to purchase directly from Suction Records.

Please note: Suction Records' releases are currently unavailable to purchase anywhere besides directly from us, so please be sure to check out Suction Records' Buy Direct store if you want to purchase any of our releases: The Suction Records website will remain open, and we will continue to sell Solvent & Lowfish related releases.

S U C T I O N _ R E C O R D S

We are Suction Records, from Canada. We have been releasing our unique brand of synthesizer pop for purists since 1997. We call it robot music.

Suction Records was founded by like-minded robot music composers Lowfish (Gregory de Rocher) and Solvent (Jason Amm). Originally considered part of North America's first wave of intelligent dance music labels (as pioneered by UK labels Warp and Rephlex in the early 1990s), Suction Records has slowly but surely established itself as a strong, singular voice in the electronic music underground. Combining the best elements of vintage electropop and modern electronica, Suction Records has created a distinct musical and visual esthetic that is bold yet fuzzy, confrontational yet playful, robot yet human.

Besides releasing the debut recordings by both Solvent and Lowfish, Suction Records has also put out releases by Skanfrom, GD Luxxe, and the Mitgang Audio. Other contributors to the label (comp tracks, remixes, etc) include: ADULT., Isan, David Kristian, Perspects, Lali Puna, D'Arcangelo, Pluxus, Orgue Electronique, and more.

Underground electronica is currently witnessing a resurgence in '80s-influenced synthpop, but while Suction Records has clearly been at the forefront of synthpop's return to form, we are by no means a retro label. Acclaimed international DJ and Warp recording artist Andrew Weatherall concedes: "Suction, always a byword for quality, ransack the past and create a future that sets standards as far as electro's New Wave is concerned. In an Eighties overkill atmosphere these people are part of the elite commando division against which other units should be judged."

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