Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Erikoisdance 7

From Finnish artist Erikoismies:

"Stereo Balance in The Phythm Part" - 7 Recordings by Non-baryonic form

(Release date January 1, 2008)

The 7th installment in the Erikoisdance CD(r) series is a collection of recordings by Non-baryonic Form. Tracks cover a wide range of compositional styles and are connected more thru the creative technological approach or production philosophy than any aspiration toward some existing genre or urge to create anything that could be seen as a logically advancing selection of songs or well-balanced album-like entity.

File under - electronics, techno, electro, post-Irdial freeform house, experimental, ambient, home recording, drum machine music, creative automation, outsider dance or any other appropriate genre definition, existing or new.

The only place in the physical world to buy the disc is, as usual, the Myymalä 2 gallery shop on Uudenmaankatu in Helsinki. You can also order a copy by sending us a message via the myspace page --> (Some of the songs can be heard in the player over there too.)

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