Thursday, February 07, 2008

Giallos Flame: House at the Edge of the Dark

Live From Dunwich EP by The Giallos Flame was for me one of the best releases of 2007. Now The Giallos Flame (a.k.a. Ron Graham of UK) comes up with a fascinating new album, again emulating the sounds of the best 70s Italian horror soundtracks à la Goblin and Ennio Morricone; even with some jazzy Miles Davis-like licks of the Bitches Brew era. You can also buy the album through The Giallos Flame MySpace page.

Here's press release info from Analog Screams Records:

Artist: Giallos Flame
Title: House at the Edge of the Dark
Format: CD Album AS003
Label: Analog Screams
Release date: 7th Feb 2008

"It's exquisite, original music and I love it!"
Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 1

1. House at the Edge of the Dark
2. 1979 Bronx Warriors
3. Overdrive
4. Analog Screams
5. Alphataurus
6. Interceptors
7. Jazz Killer
8. Night Train Murders
9. Color Climax
10. Tenebre Viventi
11. Requiem for a Vampire

After leaving the ruins of Dunwich and wandering in the sonic wastelands of post-apocalyptic soundscapes for six months, the Giallos Flame return with their new album, House at the Edge of the Dark. Full of beat-heavy, bass-driven analogue grooves that would have you thinking you were listening to some warped long lost 70s soundtrack.

Psyched-out guitars meet menacing analogue synth in an audio assault that moves & grooves through a plethora of styles & moods to take the listener deep into the dark & disturbing but always funky world of exploitation cinema soundtracks.

Analog Screams Records invites you to come stay at The House at the Edge of the Dark!!

As ever, the Giallos Flame continue to push the raw attitude & sounds of the 70s well into the new millennium, never letting up their mission to spread analogue rawness into an ever-increasing virtual world.

With 2008 we will see & hear them in forthcoming motion pictures like Black Devil Doll, the first X-rated blaxploitation film to be made for decades & the much anticipated Hobo With A Shotgun feature film.

"Amazing - allez gut!
Andy Votel - Twisted Nerve

9/19 and EP included in Top Twenty chart
Andy Smith (Portishead)

For more information, please contact Francesca Di Rosa
analog.screams [at]

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