Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Living Space Records

Living Space Records, a new Finnish label was launched last year. Info from the label:

Living Space Records is a new record label from Finland. It was founded in 2007 by DJ:ing friends Joel Hypén (aka Jellona) and Matti Nives. The imprint aims to offer a fresh take on left-of-the road electronic rhythm music, such as downtempo, leftfield hiphop, dubstep, deep house, future jazz, skwee, and so on. The label managing duo can also be caught DJ:ing around and about. Previous label nights have found the Living Space DJs in such locations as m12 in Berlin, Stadt Venlo in Cologne, and mbar in Helsinki.

In June 2007 Living Space Records released its first 12", the 'In Phase' EP (LSP001) by Ninja Tune / Solid Steel demo contest winner Empty Chair. The record was cut on green vinyl and it was also the first of a series entitled "The Colours of Living Space". The release has already received some enthusiatic feedback, and has been featured in several highly-regarded radio shows such as Worldwide (Gilles Peterson, BBC), Basic Soul (Simon Harrison), Bogaloo Radio (Matthias Desch), Sound of Swound (Rupert&Mennert), Nine2Five (Petrus), and many more.

The Living Space concept also includes a radio show on Vienna's play.fm. Once a month, Joel and Matti share their most precious electronic cuts with anybody willing to tune in. Guests are also featured on the show occasionally. Actually, the whole thing started with the radio show on (Finnish University town) Joensuu's Oi FM radio station, so hosting their own programme is quite essential for the Living Space personnel.

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