Friday, April 25, 2008

Sami Pennanen: "Or Something" Exhibition @ Galleria Huuto

Sami Pennanen, a.k.a. Sampen a.k.a. Unidentified Sound Objects will have his exhibition at Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, on 30 April - 11 May 2008.

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    Sami Pennanen

    "It's time to get on with a real job. The one that does not pay the rent. The one you are never, even ironically, told to get. The one your family, friends or government would not be gently leading you towards. The one that matters.

    For my fourth solo exhibition I thought I?d do something real. Plan was to go back some twenty years to when I started making these marks. Once there, to take a look around and make notes, to take a deep breath and absorb feelings, then get back to the present and just start anew. I was curious to see what crawls out of me the second time around. Maybe the approach would be to unlearn the educated part of art making in me and let the fun of just making things guide the process as it once did. Or maybe the approach would be to draw upon the so-called educated skills while quoting the imagery, energy and flavors of selected things from my youth. Or maybe to melt these into one or two or three points to be shuffled once or twice more. Or ? something.

    So what did we get? An installation, a cluster of fragmented imagery, juxtaposed styles, cross-referencing paintings, drawings, photos etc. The works draw on a range of influences, as they have been made with a range of methods, to fulfill a range of intents.

    A bunch of stuff about a bunch of stuff.

    As the installation consists of nearly a hundred smaller parts it is easy to calculate what it approximately contains:

    painting 18%
    drawing 22%
    photography 25%
    digital vs. old-school cut, paste and glue 23%
    minimalism 7%
    abstraction 12%
    graffiti 22%
    nature 9%
    animals 18%
    urban existence 19%
    notebooks 18%
    subconscious 16%
    documentation 19%
    objects 3%

    The opening will be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2008, at 6-8 pm."

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