Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blog House Is The New Punk

Justice: 'Waters of Nazareth' (2005)

Or then, maybe not. After barely coming to terms with the new electronic dance music genres such as skweee and nu-rave (OK, the latter was a bit of a joke), lately I've encountered the expression "blog house" every now and then, so here are some pointers to you fellow old pHarts who don't have a clue, either... But somehow I again get the feeling as The Who would have put it -- "Meet the new sound, same as the old sound"?

  • Blog House: The deleted Wikipedia article
  • Blog House @ Urban Dictionary
  • Blog House @ Trash Menagerie
  • Blog House @ Hipster Runoff
  • FiftyOneFiftyOne: Save Blog House

  • And more on new genres by KynyNasty