Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mad Lindell: 'Grandmaster Klaus' (1988)

An addition to the 80s synthpop dept. of pHinnWeb... Tommi Lindell was one of Finnish electro pioneers with 'Grandmaster Klaus', a humorous electro-funk take on Klaus Järvinen, the über-critical musical educator member of TV's Levyraati (Finnish version of Jukebox Jury) in the 1980s, sampling the show's jazzy theme music to the comments of Mr. Järvinen on sundry musical performances seen at Levyraati. You can hear the track and see its video at YouTube.

Mad Lindell: Grandmaster Klaus A
Mad Lindell: Grandmaster Klaus B

Mad Lindell
Grandmaster Klaus (7")
A. Grandmaster Klaus (3:32)
B. Karjala (3:04)

Written by Tommi Lindell.


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