Monday, July 28, 2008

The Emperor Machine: "What's In The Box?"

J. Saul Kane's DC Recordings announces a forthcoming release from The Emperor Machine a.k.a. Andy Meecham, known for his excellent analogue-Kraut-disco-funk sound, and announces more live gigs by The Emperor. You can also check some Emperor Machine live videos @ YouTube.

Artist: The Emperor Machine
Title: What's In The Box?
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DCR91
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 1 September 2008


1. What's In The Box (5:26)
2. Box Dub (6:42)
3. Non-Functioning Apeman (5:31)
4. Functioning Apewoman (6:20)

Written & produced by Andrew Meecham.
Recorded and mixed at Lipstudio 2 UK.
Mastered by Mike at The Exchange.

Press release notes:

The recent appearance of The Emperor Machine Live across the UK and Western Europe has created alarm and intense interest in this previously obscure and highly degenerate entity. What has previously existed as a mere audio recording is now a fully realised live experience that appears to be spreading virally across the continent -- already reported in the UK, France and Belgium and predicted to reach Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany and even Russia by the year-end.

All attempts to contain The Live Emperor Machine have so far proved futile so here at the DC lab we felt it opportune to issue a cursory sample -- "What's In The Box?" This track forms part of The Emperor Machine's Live show and so will allow listeners to prepare for an outbreak in their area. The second supplementary track "Box Dub" features variant strains of echo, delay and reverb that have currently been observed in live field tests.

Third and fourth supplementary tracks on this disc are "Non-Functioning Apeman" and "Functioning Apewoman", titles that allude to the phenomenon observed during live performances of simian characteristics amongst dance floor specimens. As is suggested by the titles of these tracks, it has been noted that the female displays a greater tolerance to The Emperor Machine at this time, maintaining basic functionality through pelvic movements, whilst the male exudes a tendency towards random vocal outbursts, uncontrolled drooling and, extreme cases, a hitherto unseen form of disco-fied torpor.

We recommend detailed studies of these samples and appropriate public notification in all available forms of broadcast and printed media. We thank you for your cooperation on this.


The Emperor Machine Live: July 26th London - Cargo; Aug 8th Zurich - Lethargy Festival: Aug 9th London - Field Day; Sept 19th - London - Fabric; October 3rd - Dublin - Venue TBC; October 25th - Barcelona - Nitsa; November 28th - Brussels - Recyclart; November 29th Antwerp - Petrol. More dates TBC...