Thursday, November 06, 2008

Antti Rannisto: Onement - With Only One Copy In Existence!

A challenge for any serious collector...

From Onement:

Onement is a label whose concept is to release records at ONE COPY ONLY.

Each recording is not reproduced - there is just one item.

Out now at one single full-length LP


(0 : 0 / "4'33" (John Cage) / 100 cds / out of print)
1 : ROBERT HAMPSON / "Hearken" / one-copy 12" LP
2 : ANTTI RANNISTO / "Onement" / one-copy 12" LP (OUT NOW!)

About Antti Rannisto:

Antti Rannisto [b. 1978] is a Finnish minimalist whose ultra-spare sound was formed via a diverse background of various genres ranging from hip-hop to experimental music. He creates highly calculated music so stripped down to the basic elements that subtle shifts in panning, envelope, or phase become instruments in themselves. His palette is simple, pure, colorless, and free of any unnecessary sound or movement. It is minimalism in the truest sense. It is challenging music that demands attentive listening.

His side project Rannisto is for the more rhythmic, casual and sometimes also humorous works.