Monday, November 17, 2008

'Carnival of Light' by The Beatles Finally To Be Released?

The Beatles: 'Revolution 9' (1968)

Paul McCartney on 'Carnival of Light' @ CNN (16 November 2008)

By its written description sounding perhaps like something in the style of infamous 'Revolution No. 9' off White Album (and the sound experiments John Lennon made with Yoko Ono), the unreleased 14-minute track 'Carnival of Light' by The Beatles, recorded in their psychedelic period of 1967, has become something of a myth among the fans and collectors. The track's release was planned for The Beatles Anthology 2 of 1996, but George Harrison (who died in 2001) vetoed it (some sources say the producer George Martin was not so hot of the idea, either).