Monday, April 18, 2005

The Art of Retouching

Ever wondered how those photo models of magazines seem to always have such perfect and faultless bodies? Well, this is how they fool us. It's quite amusing to see how these retouches reflect the current beauty ideals of what a woman (or in one example, a man) is supposed to look like: larger breasts, perfectly round buttocks as with today's butt queen Jennifer Lopez, no wrinkles or bags under eyes or moles or other skin irregularities, no cellulite or double chins, no fat, no too "disturbing" tattoos. More "healthy" skin colour added. What amazes me most is that they have also retouched pictures of women who look perfectly beautiful to me even without this digital plastic surgeon's knife used. Goodbye reality, welcome simulation.

Pass cursor over image to see image before retouching: