Friday, April 29, 2005

Reindeer Disko 3 by DJ pHinn

Tere! Here's even more stuff for you to listen...

Kohviradio, a Webcast "station" of Estonian Kohvi Records, runs now another DJ selection (unmixed) from me. Click, then "reindeer disko 3 by dj phinn" on the menu, and finally "Listen".

This works with the same principle as jukeboxes, so you may have to wait for your request for a while... (Earlier)

Reindeer Disko 3 by DJ pHinn

1. Jack Nitzche feat. Merry Clayton: Performance (Moog: Mick Jagger!)
2. Stereo Total: Orange Mécanique
3. Kompleksi: (I Ain't No) Lovechild
4. Citizen Omega: Mr. Robot
5. Pan sonic: Pakoisvoima / Fugal Force
6. The Byrds: Moog Raga
7. Large Number: Chronosynclasticinfundibulation
8. Girls On Film feat. Ana Laura Aláez: Star F****R
9. Hungry Wives: Spiders
10. Fredi: Kun rakkaus voittaa (pHinnedit)
11. Kai Hyttinen vs Roger That: Nosta lippu salkoon
12. New York City Survivors: World of Madness
13. Casiomatik: Solarium
14. Kevin Blechdom: Boob-A-Q
15. Avarus: Donkkaavaräppäävä kaalikoira
16. TV-Resistori: (?/live)
17. Nu Science: Filter

Thanks and apologies to everyone whose tracks I've used here :)

A list of all soundfiles you can at the moment hear through pHinnWeb