Monday, April 11, 2005

Homenaje, A Tribute to Atocha Blast Victims

This 2-CD, compiled by Andy of Speedranch^Jansky Noise fame, is a tribute to the victims of the terrorist bombing in Madrid's Atocha, 11 March 2004.

I got to know Andy Macgregor, an affable British guy, when he visited my hometown Tampere in August 2003 with his then-girlfriend, who was an ex-pat Finn talking Finnish with British accent and whose relatives lived here. I showed them some local "exotica" and some bars in rainy (and that Saturday night somewhat desolate) Tampere, such as Telakka, Sputnik, and of course Yo-Talo. Andy was quite shocked to hear some (now oh-so-fashionable) Finnish ragga music there, and also amused by a Hesburger hamburger restaurant. Sorry for the culture shock, Andy.

This compilation mostly experimental electronics from such names as V/VM, Francisco Lopez, Tim Hecker, Tim Cascone, and of course Jansky Noise. I informed pHinnWeb's mailing list some time ago Andy was looking also for Finnish artists for this one, but obviously no one here was interested... Those lazy shits!

Anyway, if you're interested about the record, want to hear some of its tracks as MP3s, and perhaps contribute to its possible sequel, please check