Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another Dream (In Four Parts)

1) She was power-dressed for the presidential erection and betatesting nuclear weapons: she said that whenever surrounded by her fellow conservatives, it would look good on her CV. Her horde came dressed for their party convention in expensive suit costumes, having haircuts that cost more than what a single mother from the suburbs made in a month; they flashed their predatory carnivore teeth between their wide and hungry blood-coloured lips.

2) Either having a low self-esteem or delusions of grandeur (which are both basically the same thing), we pursued our wild, haunting daydreams.

3) Fear was oozing from the walls of the school building as I walked down its deserted corridors. In this area the children were taught from the beginning by their teachers that they were nothing, would become nothing, and the biggest hope they could ever have in their lives would be as the slaves for the power-dressed carnivores. They were taught to lie but in such a way that they would not get caught, otherwise they would be in a for a harsh and humiliating punishment. A teacher would burst suddenly into unexplainable bursts of rage and without a warning attack the nearest unsuspecting child.

4) In the near future corporate executives would organise hunting expeditions in their Land Rovers, armed with laser-targeted night vision rifles, to the slum areas to prey on and kill the poor and unemployed.

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