Monday, February 27, 2006

Lukas of WFMU on YouTube et al.

Lukas of WFMU has also checked out YouTube and other free video hosts such as, and compares them to the early Napster.

Right now these sites seem like a video version of early Napster, combined with lots of vanity stuff. There are many gems among tons of garbage, and I suggest you start downloading the good stuff now before it is too late. Earlier this month, NBC forced YouTube to take down a Saturday Night Live video, and I bet that this is only the beginning of legal battles to come.

If you found anything you like from my 1960s and 70s-80s listings, I also recommend you in the real anarcho spirit to download it to your own collection before the megacorp lawyers cut in. If my instincts serve me right, it won't be long before that happens...