Wednesday, February 01, 2006

pHinnWeb Chart February 2006


pHinnWeb's February 2006 Chart can be found here.

There is admittedly something worryingly indicative of obsessive-compulsive personality in this constant need to display one's monthly listening lists in public. (Then, everyone who has a need to maintain a personal blog must possess at least some of the traits of exhibitionist personality too.) These sort of transpotterish or even otaku-like behavioural patterns are something one gets so easily accustomed to among music fans (or computer/comics/sci-fi or any other nerd-sort of activity circles). Of course, this is just one (pathetic) way to define one's identity. -- But what is this obsession of (male) music aficionados with lists? High Fidelity, anyone? -- Anyway, for one who shuns all cliques favouring in-bred mentalities, keeping oneself constantly beyond other people's need for definitions and classifications must be a viable strategy -- though inevitably bound for a role conflict of one sort or another. Esoteric? Eclectic? Whimsical? Irritatingly chameleon-like? Conceited? Self-indulgent? Keep 'em guessing.


Today's bonus: "Raw As Sushi", or the instructions to how to visit a Japanese sushi restaurant in an orthodox way.

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