Sunday, September 28, 2008

Läjä Äijälä 50 Years

The Sultans - Läjä Äijälä on guitar

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    Finnish underground legend Veli-Matti "Läjä" Äijälä celebrates his fiftieth birthday on Monday 29 September 2008. Originally hailing from Tornio in Finnish Lapland, near Swedish border, Läjä Äijälä has during his career of 30 years worked on such diverse musical areas as punkrock, avantgarde electronic music, rockabilly and the roots blues. pHinnWeb congratulates. Known from the hardcore punk act Terveet Kädet (enjoying a vast cult reputation around the world), the minimal electronic act Aavikon Kone ja Moottori (playing a British Wasp synth and paving way in the late 1970s for such later artists as Pan sonic), bands such as The Billy Boys, Leo Bugariloves and The Sultans, the prolific multitalent Läjä Äijälä is also a comic book artist, citing as his influences Elvis Presley, Suicide, Albrecht Dürer, S/M imagery, Urho Kekkonen and Egyptology. In 2004 Bad Vugum Records released a compilation album The Passions of Läjä Äijälä, getting together tracks from Äijälä's different musical projects throughout his whole career.

    A Billy Boys 7" single released in Poland, with Läjä Äijälä's characteristic sleeve art

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