Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Desert Planet Music In An American Short Film

Get In The Van by Lori Samsel - preview

Get In The Van chiptunes exercise video trailer @ Vimeo

Music by Finnish videogame electro act Desert Planet is featured in several scenes of the American short film Get In The Van by Lori Samsel. The 25-minute film is the first live action movie from Samsel, who has previously worked as an animator; being a parody on the exercise videos for women. From the albums Mario Built My Hot Rod (2005) and Turbo Tellytunes (2004) are heard the Desert Planet tunes 'Play Skip Stop', 'Slurp!' and 'Gangster Puzzle'. Also New York's Twilight Electric (of 8-Bit Peoples Net label) is heard in the movie. The DVD of film features as extras four Desert Planet videos and can be ordered from

The film can be seen at:

Forthcoming Desert Planet gigs:

  • 20 March 2009 - Stupido Records 20 Years @ Semifinal, Helsinki
  • 21 March 2009 - Dynamo, Turku

  • May 2009 - a tour of two weeks in Central Europe
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