Monday, March 09, 2009

The Emperor Machine: 'Black Ken' 12"

Black Ken A

New material from The Emperor Machine a.k.a. Andy Meecham, the analogue Kraut-disco master of Staffordshire, UK; with an album coming in summer! (I also like La Boca's artwork for this one.)

Artist: The
Emperor Machine
Title: Black Ken
Format: 12"/digital download
Label: DC Recordings (UK) DCR93
Date: 13 April 2009


A. Black Ken (5:14)
B. You Clapper (6:12)


Written & produced by Andrew Meecham.
Recorded and mixed by Lipstudio 2 UK.
Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering.

Press release notes:

The lights are dim, and so are the senses, yet a wanton energy possesses all listeners with a beguiling depravity that will be familiar to anyone who has previously encountered the drooling, degenerate form that is THE EMPEROR MACHINE.

Returning here with two new tracks that expertly smear themselves across the dancefloor, this is the first single in a new series that will precede The Emperor Machine's third album Space Beyond The Egg, due for release on June 1st 2009.

A-side 'Black Ken' is dominated by an ascending melody of warm synthesised tones that recalls tense moments in a 70s discotheque -- sultry, fraught, pulsing, Technicolor! -- a frantic machine workout that stimulates the pelvis whilst intermittently prodding the hypothalamus.

'You Clapper' is by contrast a free-flowing and carefree affair with a pleasingly sordid feel, an orgiastic counterpart to the pent-up thrust of 'Black Ken' that will gently tenderize the brain in a shower of analogical melodies.

Expect a second single in May 2009, followed by the return of The Emperor Machine LIVE, to coincide with the brand new album!

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