Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mass Production vs. Collector's Edition - Workshop

Mass Production vs. Collector's Edition

The Qompendium World Tour Collector's Edition
by Kimberly Lloyd & Alex Murray-Leslie

Offset magazines were yesteryear. Today, more limited, well-crafted and assorted publications catch l'air du temps. It is no longer about information but rather how information is packaged and what commodities are made available with it. In this World Tour Collector’s Edition Workshop with a total of six destinations, the first stop will be CMYK in Barcelona, which will also mark the birth of another new magazine project by Kimberly Lloyd, co-founder of M Publication.

An entirely fresh magazine concept will be introduced during this 6-hour workshop, giving the attendees insight on the techniques of producing a Collector's Edition with definite marketable potentials. The workshop is designed around the interaction and contribution of the attendees. Participating in branding, editorial grid, developing content and judging in the pre-selection of the content; gaining insight on how the bits and pieces become an epitome of fine art work. Get to know the entire range of paper, materials and creative work applied in the collection, from
offset to screen printing, from sown pieces of textile to hand-brushed aquarelles and more.

Only 100 - 200 units will be produced worldwide, all handcrafted, screened, certified and approved by a committee of participating collaborators together with the attendees. The final product will be made available for sale by distributors of leading museums, art fairs, bookshops, and boutiques world wide.

Leading Director
Kimberly Lloyd (M Publication)
In collaboration with M-real and Corbis.

Leading Co-Curator
Alex Murray-Leslie (Chicks On Speed)

Attending Collaborators
Roar Sager Creative Director _ Made
Jule Hass Creative Director _Panatom
Saul Taylor Creative Director _Winkreative
Ramon Fano Publisher _Neo2
Anoush Abrar Photographer
Antonio Macarro Photographer
Viagrafik Illustrator
Tobi Röttger Illustrator
Johnny Dog Day Illustrator
Bernat Lliteras Illustrator
Silvia Prada Illustrator

Holger Oppolzer Post production

Infinite creativity and open mind.
Skills ranging from illustration techniques, to digital or analogue photography, cutting, sewing, painting and pasting, to art direction and photography selection.

Limited attendants: 35 - 40
Rate: 120 EUR