Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More on the Philosophy of Kommandomixing

Kommandomix Manifesto

Not all of us have huge budgets to spend on coolest brand new vinyls, but have to rely on our earlier record collections that have been accumulating along the years. And mixing "live" at a club with mixers and monitors that, more often than not, tend to be faulty in some way and with an additional burden of having about a billion other distractions (drunken punters bothering and harassing the DJ, etc.) constantly going around you, it's hard to be immaculate in your beatmatching even for a more accomplished DJ. Of course it's easier in the peace and calm of your own home (especially if you are computer-assisted). So you have to find other ways out: therefore kommandomixing.

Using military metaphors is not an accident: I think arranging clubs and playing records there can be called a sort of warfare -- you advance, retreat and improvise according to the situation, take the terrain into account, try to find out who your allies are, and do your best to predict beforehand the movements of your adversaries. Read Sun Tzu and Clausewitz.

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