Monday, July 25, 2005

Photos from Underground Disco II Party + pHinn's Lost Headphones

Here are some photos from Saturday's Underground Disco II party by Sakke Karipuro. It was fun to see people frolicking in the foam, though the weather was in fact quite chilling -- hope too many people didn't catch cold!

And here you can see DJ(?) pHinn himself spinning records.

I had fun; the only sad thing is that I lost my headphones (not the ones you can see me wearing on the pic, though). Since the other guys had brought their own headphones, I had no need for my own, so I just left them in a gray plastic bag on a monitor -- and of course someone had to snatch them up! So, if that person or one of his friends happens to read this, please be an honest person and return them to Tampere's Voltti Records store, and no questions will be asked...

Playlists here.