Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Additions to Finnsleaze

[Skip this entry if you're under 18.]

Some recent additions to the Finnsleaze page, collecting cover images from the 1950s to 70s Finnish men's magazines. In their own time usually shamefully hidden under the mattresses and other secret stashes, and so far overlooked in most cultural histories, I think these magazines provide an interesting alternative view to their era and perhaps its more sordid underbelly; not to mention their undeniable sleaze/trash nostalgia these provide for us now.

Cocktail 15/1970
Jallu 5/1972
Jallu 7/1972 - one of my favourite cover images with a slightly surreal atmosphere
Jallu 11/1974
Kalle 1/1974
Kavalkad 22/1968 - this one is from Sweden, and another favourite of mine with great striking pop colours, and I love her boots too!
Mies 9/1973
Nyrkkiposti 8/1971 - might this be another variation of the old theme "Eve in Paradise?" In that case I didn't know the Serpent had a twin brother!
Nyrkkiposti 11/1974
Onni 3/1981
Onni 1/1977
Ratto 11/1974
Ratto 12/1974 - uh, any more cover images like this, and I will have a stroke!
Urkki 6/1979
Urkki 7/1978


Juri said...

Great covers, great pics! I love especially the line "Test Drive: Morris Marina", since it's commonly known that Morris Marina was a lousy car and almost drove the British car industry to turmoil.

"Read he Most Porn Book in the World" is also quite good and so is "What Is the World's Hardest Porn like?"

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