Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)

Artist: Higamos Hogamos
Title: Major Blitzkrieg
Format: 12"/digital download
Cat.no.: DCR98
Record label: DC Recordings (UK)
Date: 23 February 2009


1. Major Blitzkrieg (2:36)
2. Major Blitzkrieg [Mickey Moonlight remix] (4:01)
3. Major Blitzkrieg [Depth Charge Buzzer remix] (5:56)


Written by Steve Webster & Toby Jenkins.
Produced by Steve Webster.

Press release notes:

Higamos Hogamos is the new project of Steve Webster (Black Neon, Fort Lauderdale) and Toby Jenkins (Zan Pan, The Squire of Somerton, Fort Lauderdale) and 'Major Blitzkrieg' is their debut single for DC Recordings, an explosive swagger of anthemic fury that perfectly sets out their sonic manifesto: to fuse together their fetishism for analogue synthesizers with the sexual exuberance of 70s rock n' roll!

As will be apparent on the forthcoming eponymous album (due 16th March 2009) 'Major Blitzkrieg' displays but one dimension of this formidable duo's repertoire (to follow) will be another single featuring the space age pop of 'Infinity Plus One') yet its electro-fied quality immediately caught the attention of DC overlord J. Saul Kane, whose re-emergence in the guise of Depth Charge is manifest here in his schizoid "Buzzer" remix. Augmenting the original sonic textures with a ferocious electronic bass line and numerous divergent rhythms and unidentifiable noises, this is an audacious concoction that will shake the bravest dancefloors.

Mickey Moonlight, fresh from the stunning rework of Sun Ra's 'Interplanetary' (Ed Banger Records) also remixes the original, introducing tongue-drum melodies and high-life guitars; congotronic percussion going head to head with pulses of Higamos' original to make a dancefloor remix of sultry tropical charm.

Watch out for Higamos Hogamos live dates in early 2009 and the forth-coming self-titled album release in March.

Artist: Higamos Hogamos
Title: Higamos Hogamos
Format: CD, LP and digital download
Cat.no.: DCR99
Record label: DC Recordings (UK)
Date: 23 March 2009


1. Infinity Plus One (2:57)
2. Black Forest Gateaux (3:54)
3. The Future Hides Its Face (3:04)
4. Major Blitzkrieg (2:37)
5. B'aby (2:54)
6. The Creeper (3:22)
7. Little Switch (2:32)
8. Moto Neurono (7:19)
9. Something's Got A Hold On Me (2:11)
10. The Illuminoids (5:05)


Written & played by Steve Webster & Toby Jenkins.
Lyrics for 1. are adapted from the poem 'Infinity Plus One' written by Michelle McLeod.
Produced & mixed by Steve Webster at Clifden Road, except:

1. Additional mix, production & drums by J. Saul Kane.
3., 5., 6., 7. & 9. mixed by Steve Webster & J. Saul Kane.

Stipo Androvic plays bass on 1. & 8.

Press release notes:

DC Recordings proudly present HIGAMOS HOGAMOS, the eponymous debut album from Steve Webster and Toby Jenkins, already infamous for their former incarnations as Black Neon, Squire of Somerton and Fort Lauderdale, but bringing together here the first fruits of their latest project - the unfathomable sound of Higamos Hogamos.

The album begins with the uplifting space age pop of 'Infinity Plus One' (to be released as a single with remixes by The Emperor Machine and more in April 2009), an anthemic opener that gives way to the warm tones of 'Black Forest Gateaux' - rich with strains of Can and Harmonia and classic 70s Kosmische sounds. If Krautrock is one touchstone for the Higamos sound, then Bolan-esque swagger is another, as evidenced by the shimmering future glam of 'The Future Hides Its Face'.

The psychedelic romp of 'Major Blitzkrieg' brings yet another flavour to the Higamos brew. This track has been reworked for a single released 16th February by Depth Charge and Mickey Moonlight. Track like 'Moto Neurono' display remarkable mutating musicianship. 'Little Switch' strays into wacked-out territories, somewhere between the wyrd canon of British psychedelia and lo-fi garage rock, whilst 'The Illuminoids' concludes the album by steering off into motorik infinity.

Somehow Higamos Hogamos integrate the discerning musical influences with an energy and humour that has resulted in an ineffably futuristic sound and a hugely beguiling debut album. Higamos Hogamos will be supporting the release of their album by playing selected live dates from January 2009 onwards.