Thursday, January 08, 2009

Oletko sinä...? (1969)

Oletko sinä...? Part 1 ("Are You...? Story of Homosexuality", 1969) [In Finnish with English subtitles.]

[Part 2] [Part 3]

Oletko sinä...? ("Are You...?") is a dramatized documentary film on homosexuality directed by Matti Lehti in 1969 for Finnish TV. The film was immediately banned and shown for the first time only in 1999. Seen these days, it's full of unintentional humour (a dismayed middle-aged female neighbour to the gay protagonist's mother: "Sun poikas on kuin tytöt!" -- "Your son is like girls!") but also some interesting late-60s long-haired Zeitgeist from the time homosexuality was considered at least a mental disease if not a downright criminal offence.

What's also interesting is that one of the film's contributors is Jorma Elovaara, a Finnish underground personality best known for his psychedelic radio show Vesimiehen aika ("Age of Aquarius") and later on Tähti ("Star") magazine on all things counterculture: Elovaara was also one of the early Finnish gay activists. Alongside Elovaara, Rauno Vinermo was part of the group who wrote the original script; as a medical consultant was Claes Andersson, a doctor and musician who later became Finnish Minister of Culture.

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