Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Orbital feat. Grant Fulton: 'Belfast/Wasted' (1992)

Orbital feat. Grant Fulton: 'Belfast/Wasted' (1992)

Yet another oldie music video to alleviate the January boredom... This is the magnificent vocal version of Orbital's track 'Belfast', with Gregorian chant samples and Grant Fulton as the guest singer; one of the best things the Brothers Hartnoll ever did, in fact.

This track was originally released in May 1992 on #3 of Volume (1991 - 1997), a British CD booklet-sized music magazine carrying a CD of alternative and indie-dance artists' exclusive tracks, unreleased remixes and interviews from the same artists. Unfortunately Volume proved to be a too ambitious project for the music magazine market, folding after 17 issues and some extra compilations. I remember the magazine fondly, having introduced me to many new artists in its day. 'Belfast/Wasted' received a justified re-release on the 2-CD Wasted - The Best of Volume Part 1 (1995) and even as limited edition 12".

You were brought up like a boy,
but now you think your life's a pill.
With its love for yourself,
ticking to its timeless soundtrack.

You point the finger
as you carry the flag.
I don't pay attention.
Do you like the dust we breathe?
Do you recommend yourself
to my gentle senses?

I feel wasted.


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