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Miss Kittin & The Hacker: 'Frank Sinatra' (1998)

Miss Kittin & The Hacker: 'Frank Sinatra' (1998)

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    Miss Kittin (born 1973 as Caroline Hervé in Grenoble, France) released in 1998 together with her producer The Hacker (a.k.a. Michel Amato) the debut EP Champagne, on which this raunchy little gem first appeared, paving way to the foul-mouthed paeans of Peaches. Note this was way before the dreaded electroclash craze, though Miss Kittin became labelled as one of the artists of that genre, and I still love the song.

    I had a brief interview with Miss Kittin for pHinnWeb in 2001, when she told about this track:

    "I love Frank Sinatra and the American crooners and romantic jazz in general. I was looking for a rhyme to 'area' and here it came. What you don't know, is when I said 'He's dead', I really thought he was... A friend told me it was funny because he's still alive... I couldn't believe it and felt guilty, especially when he died three months later..."

    "every night with my star friends
    we eat caviar and drink champagne
    sniffing in the v.i.p. area
    we talk about frank sinatra
    you know frank sinatra?
    he's dead... dead!
    ha ha ha!"

    "to be famous is so nice
    suck my dick
    kiss my ass
    in limousines we have sex
    every night with my famous friends

    "motherfuckers are so nice
    suck my dick
    lick my ass"

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