Monday, January 23, 2006

Aux 88: New Album

The masters of Detroit Techno Bass are back!

The 2006 launch of the official Aux 88 website, designed by Optic Studios, is now up for viewing. The site will be a concise glimpse into the world of Aux 88. High resolution pictures, MP3s, fan downloads, up to date info on live dates, video footage and much more. Go to the site to catch a rare glimpse into one of Aux 88's studios by downloading the first of many free screen savers. Also catch a rare video of the Aux 88 video 'Play It Loud' in the media section. Don't forget to sign up for the Aux 88 mail list located at the bottom for all serious fans and friends.


Original – (orig*i*nal)
a: Unique creation from which copies can be made
b: being the first instance or source from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is or can be made

Tommy Hamilton (aka Tom Tom) and Keith Tucker (aka DJ K-1) have again combined their AUX minds to reform and create their latest 13 track LP entitled AUX 88. After a long stint in the Aux Quadrant, Reconfiguration of the two entities known as Aux 88 was imminent! Many have been and were confused about the now defunct Auxmen led by Tucker to re-cloak the return of the original Aux 88.

Are you interested NOW!

The LP starts off with a classic Vocoder style voice interlude from Tom Tom stating 'We R the Future', followed up by the song and statement 'We Make Beats'. The track is the equivalent to the early soul sonic force sound produced by Posatronix. This LP is a statement of the past and present with vocals from Tucker and Hamilton on tracks like 'The K-1 Theme', 'Clones', 'We are The Future', 'Step into the Light', 'Lost in Outer Space' (Model 500 Style), and ending with a 2005 remix of techno classic 'AUX MIND'.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that AUX 88 is above creating street funk style grooves. "RATED AUX" will be the next style in the ghetto tech genre. On the Euro inspired acid bass line track 'Tom Tom Beats', Tom Tom plainly lets the fans know: "I have Returned..."

AUX 88 CD Entitled AUX 88
Out Now Exclusively in Japan Submerge Recordings

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