Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weird and Idiosyncratic Habits

[Kenny Everett as Cupid Stunt]

I seem to have been challenged by Tiedemies into this meme about one's five idiosyncratic or weird habits.

1. I like to invent these stupid and/or obscene sayings or even little chants, like some sort of mantras, after which I keep repeating them aloud to myself when I'm alone at home. Then I giggle deliriously at my own stupidity.

2. I like to waste my time on inventing these pairs of Finnish words that turn into something obscene when you switch the first syllables of them. Examples: "Pirun tumput", "lelli mäntää", "pippuri hyllyllä", "mustetta nenässä", "kuiskaajan ralli", "kunnollinen tullimies, joka vaati nurkuen passia, tarkasti passit ja tiketit", "silliä kullekin", "Ollin arkut", "Reginan vangit"... (I don't really know so many examples of these in English -- perhaps Finnish language is more flexible here -- except perhaps "cunning stunts" and "Cupid Stunt" (a character of the late great Kenny Everett on his early 80s TV show -- remember Hot Gossip...? Aah.)

3. I like to create in my mind imaginary new spectacular, big-budget widescreen installments and/or sequels to such television sci-fi shows as Space: 1999 or Star Trek with added psychedelic and mind-blowing scenes. Quite nerdish, eh...?

4. I have to check out daily my horoscope (Leo) from Ilta-Sanomat every day when I pass through some department store, even if I don't have any intention to buy the paper.

5. When I get my trash out, I always have to check the bins to find out if people have thrown away any glossy magazines (I avoid using stuff from daily newspapers because those pics became quite dim when scanning) where I could scavenge some great clippings for my pHinnMilk Comics collages (where I live, judging by their trash, people seem to read just boring women's magazines and gossip rags like Seitsemän päivää, so you rarely find any great stuff). At my mother's place I also check out if she has any old mags which I could have as raw material for my "art".

[Juri also listed his own weird habits here.]

OK, your turn...?

[Hot Gossip] -- one major reason why they should rerun Kenny Everett Video Show...