Thursday, January 05, 2006



"Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass..."
-Kraftwerk: 'The Hall of Mirrors'

One's face is a mask under which there is hidden another mask, and ad infinitum. One can keep on as long as the masks won't fail one. Sometimes a mask can be the very thing which only will keep one together: once it's gone, everything is lost. The masks are silent, they don't talk or reveal their real meanings, or then they hide themselves behind small talk, chit-chat or conversations about weather. Sometimes people may not be that comfortable with the masks they're wearing. Then their own eyes may deceive them and ruin everything. Alcohol will also dissolve masks, if only temporarily, but beware: you may not like what you see. Not everyone is a skilled and experienced actor or actress, well-versed in masquerades and games. Masks will also start at one point to have lives of their own and gradually dissolve the original identity (if there was one).