Monday, January 30, 2006

Miss Le Bomb Talks To pHinnWeb

Read the interview here.

Catriona Shaw, a.k.a. Miss Le Bomb ("for all that's wrong"), is a mistress of many disguises. Originally hailing from Scotland, she's not only a talented visual artist, but also sings with the band Queen of Japan (who recently made waves with their cover version of 'I Was Made For Loving You' by Kiss). She has collaborated with such people as Electronicat, Hans Platzgumer, Gerhard Potuznik, Isabel Reiss, Kamerakino, current indie-pop favourites Franz Ferdinand, Bulent Kulkucu, and others. Now she also does her own solo material: her first underground electro pop release on Berlin's Careless Records is out early 2006.

This winter Miss Le Bomb has spent under artist residency in the small town of Rauma, Finland, where she has been working on a project called Freeze Frames, and it was this Finland connection that initially got her in contact with pHinnWeb.