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    Kelpe: 'Microscope Contents' (12"/download, DC Recordings)

    Kelpe: 'Microscope Contents' (2009)

    Kelpe a.k.a. Kel McKeown will have his new album, Cambio Wechsel (DCR109), out 19 October 2009 on UK's DC Recordings, featuring his IDM-ish excursions. Before the album there will be this single and video.

    Artist: Kelpe
    Title: Microscope Contents
    Format: 12"/digital download DCR108
    Label: DC Recordings (UK)
    Release date: 21 September 2009


    1. Microscope Contents (4:03)
    2. The Blankout Agreement [Slugabed remix] (4:51)
    3. Dig Up Stupid (5:45)
    4. The Blankout Agreement (4:09)


    Written and produced by Kel McKeown.
    Track 2 remixed by Slugabed.
    Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering.

    (p) & © DC Recordings. LC7871. Published by Schnozza Music.

    Press release notes from DC Recordings:

    "Microscope Contents" is the first single to be taken from Kelpe's forthcoming third album for DC Recordings, Cambio Weschel, (which is released on October 12 2009). It begins with the eponymous title track -- an infectious, bass-driven, electro melody which pulses over a constantly evolving percussive groove.

    Slugabed 'Dig Up Stupid' is exclusive to this single (it does not appear on the forthcoming album) - a gently grooving electro track replete with warm bass drones that intermittently bubbles with sinister arpeggios that strangely evoke some lost, anxious moment of arcade game tension.

    For the fourth and final track Kelpe himself takes album highlight 'The Blankout Agreement' and reworks into a club-weight steppa that rocks its self back and forth from head-nodding groove to floor-smashing anthem, all the while chattering with percussion and subtle melodic inflections...

    Kelpe (joined by Chris Walmsley on drums) will be playing selected live dates around Europe to accompany the release of Cambio Weschel. For more info, see

  • Release info @ DC Recordings
  • Friday, September 18, 2009

    Tumbln' Down

    Obviously, I don't have much to say these days (I always wonder about the people who seem to have opinions on every topic between heaven and earth and are not too shy to express them, either), and the updates are becoming more sporadic. Instead, I've found myself wasting more and more time at these so called social medias. Because it's a good way to procrastinate and avoid doing anything useful. For example, endlessly adding music clips to pHinnWeb's Tumblr site: