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Aavikko: Novo Atlantis

Aavikko: 'The Making of Novo Atlantis' (directed by Peter Connery, 2009)

Aavikko, the eclectic Finnish electropop-meets-lounge trio of Tomi Kosonen, Paul Staufenbiel and Tomi Leppänen, have the long-awaited fourth album out now.

Artist: Aavikko
Title: Novo Atlantis
Format: CD
Label: Stupido Records (Finland) TWIN 100
Date: 25 March 2009


1. Syntaksis (3:37)
2. Specto Supernus (4:36)
3. Computopia (4:29)
4. Dies Irae Discodelico (4:15)
5. Hypatia (5:38)
6. Novo Atlantis I (3:32)
7. Novo Atlantis II (15:04)

  • Aavikko - official site
  • Aavikko @ Wikipedia
  • Aavikko @ Discogs
  • New Kompleksi Promo Pics

    click images for larger versions

    These Kompleksi photos are taken by Sakari "Sakke" Karipuro, a guy specialized in photographing Tampere's electronic music parties and much more.

    Sakke also took live pics from Kompleksi's gig at Nurja Joukko night (Bar Bulldog, Tampere) on Saturday 7 March 2009:

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Higamos Hogamos: 'Infinity Plus One'

    Artist: Higamos Hogamos
    Title: Infinity Plus One
    Format: 12"/digital download
    Label: DC Recordings (UK) DCR102
    Date: 27 April 2009


    1. Infinity Plus One (3:02)
    2. The Creepers [Muscleheads Version] (5:50)
    3. Infinity Plus One [The Emperor Machine Extended Version] (7:46)
    4. Infinity Plus One [The Emperor Machine Dub Instrumental] (3:55)

    Press release notes:

    Higamos Hogamos' 'Infinity Plus One' is the second single taken from the eponymous debut album and crystalizes the band's warped mission - to fuse shimmering glam with motorik groove. The result is a truly mind-bending concoction of space age pop that gets the remix treatments here from two members of the shadowy DC roster...

    The Emperor Machine delivers two remixes for this single. The first is an extended version - a disco-fied throbber that has the making of a dancefloor epic with its layers of arpeggiated melodies and uplifting melodic thrusts. This is heavy, orgiastic material that hints at the powerful new material coming from The Emperor Machine in the spring and summer of 2009. The second Emperor Machine remixes halves the BPM and pours on the delay, allowing this one to soak up enough to slink into dubwise territory.

    For the the third remix Muscleheads take album track 'The Creeper' and rework it into a sinister dancefloor creation that recalls their now infamous 'Phosphorescence' (as featured on the Death Before Distemper 2 compilation), bringing a haunted edge to the original's decadent swagger.

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    TV Off: 'I Mind Now'

    TV Off: 'I Mind Now' (2009)

    TV Off is a Finnish electropop act featuring members Sara and Markku. Check the links for more info.

  • TV Off - official site
  • TV Off @ MySpace
  • Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    AGF/Delay: Symptoms

    AGF/Delay: 'A Distant View' (off Explode, 2005)

    Vladislav Delay (a.k.a. Sasu Ripatti) has a new album with Antye Greie-Fuchs out now.

    Artist: AGF/Delay
    Title: Symptoms
    Format: CD
    Label: BPitch Control (Germany)
    Date: 9 March 2009


    1 Get Lost (5:10)
    2 Connection (3:57)
    3 Downtown Snow (4:22)
    4 Outbreak (5:30)
    5 Bulletproof (6:25)
    6 Generic (5:46)
    7 Congo Hearts (4:04)
    8 Most Beautiful (4:59)
    9 Symptoms (3:27)
    10 Smileaway (3:39)
    11 Second Life (4:57)
    12 In Cycles (4:03)

    Discogs entry

    Press release notes:

    after telefon tel aviv, it is our pleasure to welcome the next prestigious electronica/ avant-hop duo on bpitch control: agf/delay.

    neither antye greie (agf) nor sasu ripatti (vladislav delay / luomo) require much of an introduction. with their various projects, both have long left an indelible imprint on electronic music.

    besides two agf albums that appeared on her label of the same name (words are missing and dancefloor drachen), antye greie has produced sool, the fourth album from bpitch front woman ellen allien and has also worked on various multimedia art projects in the past year.

    her significant other, sasu ripatti / vladislav delay, also worked on several projects including the release of his fourth luomo album convivial last october, wrote songs with the new york pop band scissor sisters, and played in the moritz von oswald trio alongside moritz von oswald himself.

    it has been four years since the two released their first album, explode, on agf productions. symptoms picks up exactly where explode left off: futuristic pop music with singer-songwriter-gestus and tons of depth.

    symptoms is agf and delay's musical reality check for a world turned upside-down. woven into a fine net from full beats, dubby textures, and tiny digital sound gimmickry, the twelve songs try to come to terms with the level of awareness and the apparently limited possibilities of mankind's development. an album that is both catchy and challenging.

    pop music for the 21st century.

    artist statements:

    a symptom is a departure from normal function or feeling. the new agf/delay record is a symptom check on you. a symptom is subjective.

    " in tv i see floods, people lifted out of trouble, by men with white helmets" (from the song "connection" )

    the planet is crying, it is in pain! agf wrote that song on her trip to the synch festival athens in 2006, where it was +41 celsius outside and impossible to leave the hotel. they had those crazy forest fires there, while watching bbc world showing floods over asia and northern america.

    "... serial killers get all the attention, bubble gum chaos in high schools" (from the song "congo hearts")

    violence is well documented in all media, yet there is a lot of undiscovered and silent violence in bedrooms, backyards and cellars. the human soul seems to be capable of incredible dimensions of cruelty and abuse. where do we humans pull out advice, counsel, directions, instructions, guidelines? from media?

    "pop music makes us sick gives us the creeps, perfect war perfect phone absence of lust" (from the song "downtown snow")

    commercial music channels create impaired hearing. mobile phones soften bones where the mobile is carried (argument by agf).

    " fine prisons to live in, impossible cities to die in, we eat the same shit, we shit the same color" (from the song "outbreak")

    the waste we leave behind is not saying if we are asian, african, white, female or gay. "all around we can witness a loss of purpose and meaning, values, and prospects, and an increased isolation from nature - all very self-destructive tendencies." (quote stanislav grof)

    "i felt paranoid at reception desks, i felt robbed at security checks" (from the song "symptoms")

    agf believes that humans can do better and overcome themselves and the darth vaders of this world, delay is less optimistic (his lyrics show that) but remains open for a change.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Desert Planet Music In An American Short Film

    Get In The Van by Lori Samsel - preview

    Get In The Van chiptunes exercise video trailer @ Vimeo

    Music by Finnish videogame electro act Desert Planet is featured in several scenes of the American short film Get In The Van by Lori Samsel. The 25-minute film is the first live action movie from Samsel, who has previously worked as an animator; being a parody on the exercise videos for women. From the albums Mario Built My Hot Rod (2005) and Turbo Tellytunes (2004) are heard the Desert Planet tunes 'Play Skip Stop', 'Slurp!' and 'Gangster Puzzle'. Also New York's Twilight Electric (of 8-Bit Peoples Net label) is heard in the movie. The DVD of film features as extras four Desert Planet videos and can be ordered from

    The film can be seen at:

    Forthcoming Desert Planet gigs:

  • 20 March 2009 - Stupido Records 20 Years @ Semifinal, Helsinki
  • 21 March 2009 - Dynamo, Turku

  • May 2009 - a tour of two weeks in Central Europe
  • Monday, March 09, 2009

    Randy Barracuda Talks + New Harmönia Releases

    Randy Barracuda & Mesak - Black Vaseline (Eero Johannes remix)

    Imatran Voima's other half (and also a member in such projects as Itäväylä, Boyz of Caligula, V.U.L.V.A. and others), Perttu Häkkinen a.k.a. Randy Barracuda talks @

    And talking about skweee, Harmönia Records announces two new releases for March 2009:

  • HRMN 8 Rigas Den Andre 12"
  • HRMN 9 Yöt: Yöt 1 7"

    Listen at Harmönia's MySpace site.
  • Clone No More

    Egyptian Lover in Rotterdam 2004 #1 - visiting Clone

    [#2: Clone Party Backstage] [#3: Clone Party Showtime]

    I've blinked and missed it, as this was announced already in January, but Rotterdam's Clone label, representing electro, techno and Italo, and home among all to Finnish artists Bangkok Impact and Putsch '79 (Bangkok Impact's Sami Liuski with Pauli Jylhänkangas), seems to be no more:

  • Clone Records shuts its doors @ Resident Advisor (21 January 2009)
  • RIP Clone Records @ XLR8R (22 January 2009)
  • Farewell Clone Records @ Ants In My Trance (4 February 2009)

  • Clone Records: Official Site
  • Clone Records @ MySpace

  • Clone discography @ Discogs
  • The Emperor Machine: 'Black Ken' 12"

    Black Ken A

    New material from The Emperor Machine a.k.a. Andy Meecham, the analogue Kraut-disco master of Staffordshire, UK; with an album coming in summer! (I also like La Boca's artwork for this one.)

    Artist: The
    Emperor Machine
    Title: Black Ken
    Format: 12"/digital download
    Label: DC Recordings (UK) DCR93
    Date: 13 April 2009


    A. Black Ken (5:14)
    B. You Clapper (6:12)


    Written & produced by Andrew Meecham.
    Recorded and mixed by Lipstudio 2 UK.
    Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering.

    Press release notes:

    The lights are dim, and so are the senses, yet a wanton energy possesses all listeners with a beguiling depravity that will be familiar to anyone who has previously encountered the drooling, degenerate form that is THE EMPEROR MACHINE.

    Returning here with two new tracks that expertly smear themselves across the dancefloor, this is the first single in a new series that will precede The Emperor Machine's third album Space Beyond The Egg, due for release on June 1st 2009.

    A-side 'Black Ken' is dominated by an ascending melody of warm synthesised tones that recalls tense moments in a 70s discotheque -- sultry, fraught, pulsing, Technicolor! -- a frantic machine workout that stimulates the pelvis whilst intermittently prodding the hypothalamus.

    'You Clapper' is by contrast a free-flowing and carefree affair with a pleasingly sordid feel, an orgiastic counterpart to the pent-up thrust of 'Black Ken' that will gently tenderize the brain in a shower of analogical melodies.

    Expect a second single in May 2009, followed by the return of The Emperor Machine LIVE, to coincide with the brand new album!

  • The Emperor Machine video clips @ YouTube
  • Thursday, March 05, 2009

    Swaeg: Forthcoming Releases

    Swaeg 2 Years

    Swaeg Tampere

    Toiminto live @ Ratakatu, Tampere, 26 July 2007

    Tampere IDM/dubstep/etc. music collective Swaeg announces forthcoming Net releases:

    coming soon! [Some tracks to be heard at Toiminto MySpace page.]

    SWG008 - DKSTR - I R;
    coming soon!

    "DKSTR from Turku, Finland is one half of Videovalvontaa. DKSTR signed up for year 2009 RPM Challenge. Idea was to make record during february 2009. In 28 days, 10 songs or 35 minutes of music. Debut album “I R” is mostly made by sampling my Yamaha SHS-10, so it’s kinda lofi stuff. Songs are mellow and slow, but there are some more banging parts here and there."

    Earlier releases still downloadable at:

    Forthcoming events:

    11.3.2009 @klubi tampere AKAHILJANE/GOEK/ TOIMINTO/ sssoooiii/ sire/++
    27.3.2009 @vastavirta tampere SWG;DUBS TBA
    31.3.2009 @dirty deal, riga WAISTED FLANDERS/TOIMINTO/ sire/alexcore/ tremont/jnasty/ ++

    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    Åke Lindman (1928 - 2009)

    Finnish actor and director Åke Lindman has died at the age of 81. Lindman's best-known role is probably as private Lehto in Edwin Laine's war film Tuntematon sotilas ("The Unknown Soldier", 1955). In the 1950s Lindman also played in many other Finnish films, his rough looks often typecasting him in villain roles. Åke Lindman, who was also a professional footplayer in his youth, later became a film and TV director.

    Stormkärs Maja/Myrskyluodon Maija (a 1975 TV series directed by Åke Lindman, with the famous theme music by Lasse Mårtenson)

    Mika Vainio's Music for Kenneth Kvarnström's Hohto/Shine

    Mika Vainio live @ Kvitnu Fest, Ukraine, October 2008

    Mika Vainio (Pan sonic) provides the music for choreographer/dancer Kenneth Kvarnström's latest work, Hohto/Shine, now running at Finnish
    National Ballet in Helsinki. Based on the compositions of the 17th century composer William Lawes, Vainio creates manipulations of the composer's music, both slowed down and running backwards, as Helsingin Sanomat writes on 2 March 2009.

  • Info @ Finnish National Opera
  • Helsingin Sanomat article (in Finnish)
  • Finnish National Opera/Finnish National Ballet
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