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Street Sounds Nu Electro Vol. 1

Street Sounds was the UK label responsible for the classic Electro compilations of the 80s. The label is now revived by its founder Morgan Khan, and their forthcoming compilation of the new skool of electro artists looks extremely promising (for pHinnWeb interest, there's also a track from Finland's Blastromen).

Artist: Various
Format: 2-CD/ltd. ed. 2x12"
Label: Street Sounds (UK)
Cat. no.: SSNECD 001 / SSNELP 001
Date: 11 May 2009


01. THE B BOYS - You Know We Rock (6.20)
02. CHA-OS - Records, Turntables (Rap Version) (4.47)
03. THE EGYPTIAN LOVER - Do U Wanna Get Down (Deb’s Duel of Legends Mix) (6.13)
04. DR. SCHMIDT - The Engines of God (6.59)
05. BLASTROMEN - Blasteroids (6.06)
06. NEWCLEUS - Programmed 4 L.O.V.E. (6.07)
07. DARXID - Bass Operator (5.54)
08. SIGNAL TYPE - In Abyss (Gods of Technology Remix) (5.16)
09. MANDROID - Anti-Gravity Machines (Morphogenetic Remix) (5.13)
10. AUX 88 - Space Satellites (6.24)
11. EXZAKT - No Disco (6.10)
12. INVISIBLE ROCKERS CREW - Electro Empire (8.20)
13. DYNAMIK BASS SYSTEM - Side By Side (4.33)
14. ZAK B - The Real (Hip Hop) Remix (5.17)
15. ELECTRONAUTAS - Back In The Day (5.30)
16. DARK VEKTOR - Wires (6.02)
17. DEBONAIRE - Watch Me Now (5.29)
18. SUPREME.JA - Freak (Street Version) (6.29)
19. STERIL - Rock The Nation (5.25)
20. BASS JUNKIE - Sub-Mission (Control The Bass) (6.31)

Bonus Tracks:

21. FREDDY FRESH feat. THE BLADERUNNERS - Freddy Fresh Mastermix (13.22)
22. DIPLOMAT - Diplomat Mastermix (7.04)

Press release notes @ Street Sounds

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sami Pennanen: Urbanature Exhibition, 1 - 24 May '09 @ Galleria 3H+K, Pori

Sami Pennanen : Urbanature


Turva Valvontakamera.

Pilkukkaaksi paikkausmaalattu pakettiauto, seiniltä hilseilevää maalia, ihmisiä alikulkutunneleissa, nuhruisia sarjakuvapilviä, ohikiitäviä rakennuksia, tasaista keskiharmaata, kuivuneita spriitusseja, osittaisella peittämisellä esiin nostettuja yksityiskohtia, kylttejä ties minne, mustekaloja, metrovaunuja, ilmeisen toimimatonta jätehuoltoa, peruskoulussa saatuja mutta vasta kymmeniä vuosia myöhemmin täyteen piirrettyjä ruutuvihkoja, vandalisoitu mustamaija, harmaa luppakorvainen koira, hiekkapuhallettujen sillanalusten graffitihaamuja, tyhjiä pintoja, maalauspohjiksi päätyneitä puhkipidettyjä vaatteita, heraldisia uudelleentulkintoja, valumia ja roiskeita, rillipäitä, katukauppiaiden kojuja yössä, autoja asuntoina ja romuvarastoina, spraysumua, huppareita, reviirin merkkausta, verkkoaitaa, erinäistä poseerausta, turistikuvia, kuvia turisteista, kuvia kuvia ottavista turisteista, irrallisia sanoja epämääräisillä kielillä.

Urbaaniluontokuvaajaa esiin houkuttelevaa haaskaa.

Jos näin kerron mitä nähtävää näyttelyssä sinänsä on, kerronko mitään sen sisällöstä?

Parisen sataa yksittäistä pienempää teosta muodostamassa suurempia teosryppäitä, muodostamassa näyttelytilan kattavan kokonaisteoksen, muodostamassa yhtenäistä näyttelyiden ketjua, muodostumassa joksikin. Maalauksia, piirustuksia, valokuvia, esineitä ja joitain näiden välimuotoja.

Ehkä punainen pipo.

Tämä on lehdistötiedote. Tähän päättyy disinformaatio.

Näyttelyn teokset ovat tavattavissa 1.5. - 24.5.2009
Vapaamuotoinen lehdistötilaisuus 30.4. klo 12-
Avajaiset 30.4. klo 18-20

Galleria 3h+k
Maaherrankatu 32
28100 Pori

avoinna ke-pe 14-18 la-su 12-16

Urbanature verkossa:
on flickr

Tuomas Rantanen: Robotan Elbows EP

Yet another banging monotrax techno release from Tampere's "Slaughterboy"!

Artist: Tuomas Rantanen
Title: Robotan Elbows EP
Format: download
Label: Brother Convention(Germany)
Cat: BCR 006
Released: 11 June, 2009


1. Fractured Lavas (orginal mix) [05:21]
2. Black Tower" (original mix) [05:26]
3. Robotan Elbows (orginal mix) [05:10]
4. Two Syndicate (original mix) [04:46]
5. Tensor Imaging (orginal mix) [05:15]

Downloadable at:

  • Juno Download
  • Beatport
  • Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Erikoisdance 12

    Erikoisdance 12
    Artist: Die Todesmaschine
    Release: "Moskstraumen" (CDR)

    Release date: May 2009
    Running time: approx. 25 minutes
    File under: electronics, outsider dance, synthesizer music, electro

    The 12th Erikoisdance CDR offers a long EP length of old material by the labels in-house Outsider Dance super group Die Todesmaschine. Here the notoriously unproductive duo display their trademark style of homegrown synth tracks in 4 examples, along with some versions and remix material — epic Vangelis-on-a-budget strings, off-center basslines obscured by metallic flange, faux 70’s Glam Rock drum patterns and a healthy dose of crunchy tape delay feedback.

    The release in fact includes very close to everything they have recorded during the last 6 or so years (except for that one track released under the alias Detox, on the now sadly defunkt Kommando 6 label back in 2004). A remix by Vince Koreman (of Ra-X and Virgin Fang fame), exclusively commissioned for this release, is also included.

  • Kosto elää
  • Moskstraumen
  • Deskjob
  • Moskstraumen (Vince The Prince remix)
  • Betasalpaaja (Jazz Mix)

    BUY THIS AND OTHER ERIKOISDANCE FROM (these joints at least)
  • the Ektro Records Web shop
  • the Myymälä 2 gallery shop, Uudenmaankatu 23, 00100 Helsinki
  • the If Society Web shop
  • Pitkämies Records & Comics in Helsinki
  • or order a copy by sending a message via MySpace:


  • Musta Kirahvi
  • Swaeg in Latvia

    Swaeg: Toiminto, Sire, Alexcore, Tremont, Waisted Flander, MC John Cityzen @ Dirty Deal Cafe (Riga, Latvia) (31 March 2009)

  • Swaeg.Net
  • Swaeg @ MySpace
  • Monday, April 20, 2009

    J.G. Ballard (1930 - 2009)

    British writer J.G. Ballard died on Sunday 19 April 2009. Ballard, who had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer in June 2006, was 78 years old. Among his best-known novels are such as Crash, High-Rise, Empire of the Sun, and Super-Cannes.

    Though usually cited as a science fiction writer (he was one of the vanguards of the "New Wave" of sci-fi coming into prominence in the 1960s with such celebrated magazines as New Worlds, which he also contributed), Ballard's main theme was the psychopathology of contemporary society. The writer inspired by French Surrealists of the early 20th century, Ballard's works usually were about the civilisation crumbling but also mutating into something else, creating its own beauty and serenity. His psycho-geographical landscapes were inhabitated by alienated but inquisitive characters obsessed by a combination of technology, celebrity cult, sex and violence; all of which they worshipped with a religious fervour and even some sort of strange dignity.

    Crash (1973) is about a small cult of people sexually obsessed with becoming injured or even dying in car accidents, preferably featuring some celebrity figures such as Elizabeth Taylor. Concrete Island (1974) describes a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, who finds himself helplessly stranded on a traffic island in the abyss of a spaghetti junction, his pleas for help ignored by passing cars. As with film director Luis Buñuel, Ballard's works could often be seen as surreal satires of the "discreet charm of bourgeoisie", and High-Rise (1975) shows a group of people consisting of highly-paid professionals and inhabiting an ultra-modern tower block degenerate into a constant life of violent orgy. In The Unlimited Dream Company (1979) an aviator crashes his plane in a suburb town of the Thames Valley, becoming a sort of Messiah with supernatural powers in a tale which might be or not only a final fantasy of a dying man. Ballard's late quadrology Cocaine Nights (1996), Super-Cannes (2000) (these two being actually companion pieces, so similar they are in their themes), Millennium People (2003) and Kingdom Come (2006) also show these same upper-middle class people instigating absurd violence to alleviate the boredom and social friction in their tightly guarded resort communities, business parks and shopping malls.

    In a perfect world, the Nobel Award for Literature would have been Ballard's, but science/speculative fiction has never really fitted the appetites of that venerable election committee, not to speak about the controversial nature of his works. It would perhaps be preposterous to call Ballard's works prophetical, but I'm quite sure in the years to come more and more resonance will be found with his works and how the world around us turns out to be. No, as it already is: Ballard's dystopias took place not in some far future or a faraway country, but here and now.

    In popular culture, J.G. Ballard has been for years a hip name to throw around and his works have inspired countless other writers, film-makers, artists and musicians. Empire of The Sun, an autobiographical book on Ballard's childhood years in the Japanese-occupied Shanghai, was filmed by Steven Spielberg in 1987. The Crash film version by David Cronenberg (whose earlier works such as Videodrome had a definite Ballardian tone) stirred some controversy in 1996.

    Daniel Miller, the founder of Mute Records, recorded in 1978 under the alias of The Normal 'Warm Leatherette', a song based on Ballard's Crash. The Normal's electronic contemporaries such as Gary Numan ('Down In The Park') and John Foxx (Metamatic) have read their Ballard, too. Joy Division's late frontman Ian Curtis took the name for one of their songs, 'The Atrocity Exhibition', from a short story collection of Ballard.

    The Normal: 'Warm Leatherette' with film clips from Crash adaptation by David Cronenberg

  • - a Website dedicated to all things J.G. Ballard

    Obituaries & tributes:

  • BBC News
  • Feuilleton
  • Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish)
  • Michael Moorcock @ Ballardian
  • Salon (by Simon Reynolds)
  • Friday, April 17, 2009

    Kompleksi interview @ Basso 2/2009

    Finnish electronic dance music and hip hop magazine Basso features in its latest issue (2/2009) an interview with Kompleksi, written by Taru Torikka.


    Kompleksi now also at Twitter:

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Desert Planet: 'Short Circuit HQ' Live

    Desert Planet: 'Short Circuit Hq' (live @ Treibsand Maifest 2008, Lübeck, Germany)

    The beginning of the Desert Planet live gig at Treibsand Maifest 2008, Lübeck, Germany. Shot by Lauri Trillitzsch, Mike von Naomi Sample and the Go-go Ghosts, Mätze von Die Moderne Welt and Bobo von Treibsand. Edited by Tekninen neuvonantaja. Production by Desert Planet in co-operation with Treibsand. Directed by Jukka Tarkiainen, Lauri Trillitzsch and Jari Mikkola. 'Short Circuit HQ' released on the Desert Planet album Moonrocks (9pm Records & Stupido Records).

    The Emperor Machine: 'Kananana' / Arcadion: 'Fly Vision' (DC Recordings)

    Artist: The Emperor Machine
    Title: Kananana
    Label: DC Recordings (UK)
    Cat. No: DCR96
    Format: 12" / digital download
    Release Date: 18 May 2009


    A. Kananana (4:43)
    B. Snatch Shot [Extended Version] (7:45)

    Press release notes:

    Hot on the heels of the majestic double A-side "Black Ken/You Clapper" (DCR93) comes this double-sided slab of divergent disco music from The Emperor Machine that further showcases the forthcoming new album Space Beyond The Egg, which is due out on June 1st.

    Title track 'Kananana' is a searing pop oddity replete with murmurous vocals and swinging guitar licks. It ebbs bit by bit into the mind of the listener, gradually imbuing a weird sense of vacant bliss alongside a swelling emotional charge -- this is a new strain of mutated pop genius! With a remarkable video by the esteemed Cassiano Prado and Guilherme Marcondes of Celebro Productions coming very soon, this one is set to perhaps the greatest cosmic utterance from The Emperor Machine

    In contrast to this fuzzy cloud of pure joy is the wholly explicit B-side 'Snatch Shot (Extended Version)', a meditation through music on the transcience of modern copulation. Dark and warm, compelling and confounding by turn, this one will leave you panting and slightly nauseous.

    This single will be followed by a new assault from The Emperor Machine Live!

    Artist: Arcadion
    Title: Fly Vision
    Label: DC Recordings (UK)
    Cat. No: DCR104
    Format: 12" / digital download
    Release Date: 25 May 2009


    1. Fly Vision (4:39)
    2. Fly Vision Reprise (1:50)
    3. Torque (4:51)

    Press release notes:

    Following in the still massive wake of his debut single "Ghost Feeder" (DCR97) comes this huge bulge of sonic outrage that sees Arcadion, a.k.a. Alan Dobson's P-funk obsession go one step further.

    Title track 'Fly Vision' is a monstrous arrangement of funked-up genius that features a super-heavy bassline, a howling vocoder and diverse ensemble of pots and pans. This is P-funk for the new millennia! 'Fly Vision Reprise' takes these pots and pans (and adds a cardboard box) to make a fully percussive two minutes of rhythmic fury -- a perfectly formed DJ weapon to use with or without the original.

    Third track 'Torque' is a more stripped-back affair, seismic with bass and frantic with go-go rhythms. This is a truly deviant groove that will cook the party!

    These track represent the second installment from Arcadion and will hint at the size of things to come in Arcadion's forthcoming album due later in 2009...

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Scott Walker News

    Bat For Lashes feat. Scott Walker: 'The Big Sleep' (Mulholland Drive Tribute)

    Updates for pHinnWeb's Scott Walker page:

  • Music Inspired by the Film Scott Walker - 30 Century Man is a collection of 12 covers of Scott Walker originals, done mostly by some brilliantly talented women (with a few male voices thrown in as well). More info at


    "Duchess" Peter Broderick
    "Big Louise" Sally Norvell
    "World's Strongest Man" Damon & Naomi
    "Manhattan" Saint Etienne
    "The Electrician" Laurie Anderson
    "The Seventh Seal" Nicole Atkins
    "Montague Terrace (in Blue)" Dot Allison
    "The Bridge" Bee & Flower
    "Rhymes of Goodbye" Stephanie Dosen
    "It's Raining Today" Ulrich Schnauss
    "A Lover Loves" Jarboe
    "Such a Small Love" Little Annie

  • Angela Morley (born as Wally Stott on 10 March 1924) died on 14 January 2009. Wally Stott arranged and orchestrated music for Scott Walker's 1960s solo albums.

  • Scott Walker guests on the track 'The Big Sleep' of Two Suns album by Bat For Lashes, out on Parlophone (UK) and Astralwerks (US), 6 April 2009.
  • Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Propaganda: A Secret Wish (1985)

    Propaganda: 'p:Machinery'

    Propaganda: 'Dr. Mabuse (Anton Corbijn)

    'Dr. Mabuse' (Version 2)

    Propaganda: 'Duel'

    Propaganda: 'Dream Within A Dream'

    Lately I've been re-listening to A Secret Wish by Propaganda, a German synthpop act, who released the album in 1985 on ZTT Records, the infamous UK "artpop" label of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Art of Noise and Grace Jones fame.

    With the Cinemascope-size production by Stephen Lipson and Trevor Horn (THE producer guru of the era), the album is a perfect example of the 1980s megalomania as personified by ZTT (short for Zang Tumb Tumb, a name taken from Marinetti's Futurist poem): melodramatic, pseudo-arty, overproduced and quite enchanting.

    Friday, April 03, 2009

    The Emperor Machine: Space Beyond The Egg

    Artist: The Emperor Machine
    Title: Space Beyond The Egg
    Label: DC Recordings (UK)
    Cat. No: DCR92
    Format: CD/2-LP/digital download
    Release date: 1 June 2009


    1. The Frontist (3:45)
    2. Kananana (4:45)
    3. Lana Laila (4:21)
    4. Silvercape (5:39)
    5. Hairy Knuckle (6:25)
    6. You Clapper (6:11)
    7. Space Age Pop (6:58)
    8. Wet Seven (1:39)
    9. Dave Gent (5:19)
    10. What's In The Box? (5:31)
    11. Snatch Shot (4:20)
    12. What You Want (5:11)
    13. Not None (2:24)

    Total length: (62:28)


    Written & produced by Andrew Meecham.
    Recorded and mixed at Lipstudio 2 UK.
    Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering.
    (p) & © DC Recordings. Published by Schnozza Music. Artwork by La Boca.

    Press release notes:

    Exquisitely simple, yet enormously complex, the egg is one of nature's marvels. It is one of the most nutrient dense of foods yet one of the most inexpensive food sources of complete protein available on the planet Earth. What then should we expect
    from an egg that hasn't come from Earth but from outer space? Science fiction has attempted to fathom this questions in numerous ways over the years, with often absurd and ridiculous results! In truth it has taken a man from Stafford to realize the true nature of the cosmic egg, and indeed, look no further than its perfect mottled surface, into the abyss that we cannot name, but can in fact listen to...

    That man is Andy Meecham, a stalwart of sonic mongering that has travelled a long and deviant road through numerous musical incarnations to get to this point. From the childlike innocence of Bizarre Inc, to the adolescent fury of Chicken Lips, Meecham has passed through these guises and arrived, fully formed at last, as The Emperor Machine. Previous albums Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised (2004) and Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise (2006), as well as more than a dozen singles and countless remixes (from Mark Ronson to Moby, Daft Punk to Franz Ferdinand) have helped refine and smooth his imperial vision, not to mention the numerous live shows all over the world since the inception of the live Emperor Machine last summer. All of this has lead to this moment, his third full-length album, which shall henceforth be known as Space Beyond The Egg.

    The Egg itself can be split into many parts. From album opener 'The Frontist' -pregnant with menacing funk, to the droopy and lead-footed disco of 'Hairy Knuckle'; the mantric swing of 'Kananana' with its lethal vocal hook, to the strange amniotic cascades of 'Silvercape', not to mention the lurking deviant that is 'Dave Gent' or the Afro-cosmic reverie of 'You Clapper'. Attempting to describe these tracks in words is, of course, academic and irrelevant when compared with the actual listening experience. Put quite simply, this is music for your insides that will help you turn you inside out. This is the sound of the dream of whatever it of whatever it is that lies inside the egg: its near-perfect conception of the space beyong. Enter that space with the help of The Emperor Machine...

    Coming soon from The Emperor Machine:

    'Black Ken'/'You Clapper' 12" and download
    - released 13th April 2009 (DCR93)

    The Emperor Machine remix of Higamos Hogamos' 'Infinity Plus One' 12" and download
    - released 27th April 2009 (DCR102)

    'Kananana'/'Snatch Shot' (Extended Version) 12" and download
    - released 11th May 2009 (DCR96)

    Space Beyond The Egg LP/CD/download
    - released 1st June 2009 (DCR92)

    Following this release will be a special limited edition album of alternate versions: Space Beyond The Egg - The Embryo, which will include remarkable collectable artwork by La Boca.

    The Emperor Machine will begin a tour of selected live dates across the globe on 5th June 2009. More details to follow...

  • The Emperor Machine search results @ YouTube
  • Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Villa Nah: VN EP (Keys of Life/Sähkö Recordings)

    Keys of Life, a sublabel of Helsinki's Sähkö Recordings announces a new release by Villa Nah, an electronic duo by of Juho Paalosmaa and Tomi Hyyppä; comparing them to such early-80s synthpop luminaries as Heaven 17 and New Order. Also Jori Hulkkonen lends his production skills. More info at press releases notes @ Sähkö Recordings.

    Artist: Villa Nah
    Title: VN EP
    Format: 12"/CD/digital download
    Label: Keys of Life/Sähkö Recordings (Finland) LIFE-18
    Date: April 2009


    A. Ways To Be
    B1. Envelope
    B2. Daylight


    All songs written & produced by Villa Nah.
    Co-produced by Jori Hulkkonen.
    Mixed by Villa Nah & Jori Hulkkonen @ alppIVhouz, 2009.
    Mastered by Pete Salone @ Silencio.
    Graphic design by Antti Uotila.

    Villa Nah will appear this Satuday at Vanha Yo-Talo (the Old Student House) in Helsinki:

    IHME Club: Op:l Bastards, Villa Nah, Association of Experimental Electronics & DJ Esko Routamaa

    9 p.m. to 4 a.m. on Saturday night, 4 April.

    The club takes place in the Bar of the Old Student House (Helsinki) and features a rare performance from the pioneer of Finnish electronic music, Op:l Bastards - who made an impressive return at the 2007 Flow Festival - as well as the retro-tinged, warm synth electro of the duo Villa Nah. DJ Esko Routamaa will be spinning records during the night.

    In addition to the live music and the DJ, the IHME Club programme includes a visual dimension in the form of a cross-artistic performance executed by the Association of experimental electronics, who create musical machines from electronic junk and walk the tightrope between chaos and order. The IHME Club programme is designed by the artist Tommi Grönlund, the founder of the record label Sähkö Recordings.

    Admission to the IHME Club is free. Tickets are limited - ensure your admission to the club by picking up your tickets beforehand between 30 March and 3 April at the location of Antony Gormley´s Clay and the Collective Body; the Kaisaniemi field, Kaisaniementie street 1-3. Once the IHME Days are underway on Friday, 3 April, tickets can be collected at the information desk of the Old Student House. Two tickets per person.

  • Keys of Life @ pHinnWeb (not updated)
  • Wednesday, April 01, 2009

    pHinnWeb Chart April 2009...

    ... can be found here. Sorry elitists, no cool limited edition 12"s this time, either; have no money, so again, it's just all old fart CDs from local library. Plus some cool promos; thanks, DC Rec.! And you know what, day by day I'm becoming more like Snake Plissken and don't really care.

    John Carpenter with Alan Howarth: 'Theme from Escape From New York (1981)

    Escape From New York trailer

    "Call me Snake"

    Escape From New York @ Wikipedia


    April Fools Day Bonus Beats:

  • Skweee feature @ Spin magazine (Yes, it seems that's a legitimate story -- unlike this and this.)