Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mr. Sleazeball

Have you ever met Mr. Sleazeball? Well, I have. Now, before we start, there are many sorts of Mr. Sleazeballs in existence. I want to talk here about the sort of Mr. Sleazeball you can often find on any creative field of life (show business, if you want). This branch of Mr. Sleazeballs usually works as a sort of impresario: a manager, promotor, agent; generally Mr. Wheeling-and-Dealing whose business is to "connect people".

He may not actually be a greasy, fat, cigar-chomping middle-aged man, but that's usually the mental image he creates of himself. Even though the first impression of him is that he is a charmer, a sort of person who can talk your pants off. He will pat your back, he will flatter you, he will tell you how much he admires your work. In other words, he will strike you as an extremely nice guy. But beware! The troubles are just beginning.

After you have been duly enchanted by Mr. Sleazeball's charms and been promised the world, the moon and the stars, now follows the part of you signing the contract. Either metaphorically or literally. (Of course there are cases where this persuasion has not been that friendly, as in "making you an offer you can't refuse", but this is not exactly our concern here, though with Mr. Sleazeball this is more than likely to happen later on.) You are now officially under Mr. Sleazeball's influence.

Little by little, you start to smell a rat. Gradually you will find out that Mr. Sleazeball turns out to be not a such nice guy after all. You will find out Mr. Sleazeball is just a bullshit machine with no substance to his words. There are various ways he can fuck you over or rip you off with. He will break all his promises to you. He will treat you like dirt. He will be hell to be around with. When he's drunk, his hellish side will be revealed in all its ugliness: he will try to pick fight with everyone and constantly harasses women (Mr. Sleazeball himself just thinks he's the natural centre of party and a bundle of joy and fun for everyone). When it's time to receive your payment for your work, Mr. Sleazeball will be nowhere to be seen.

In other words, Mr. Sleazeball will turn out to be just your regular every-day psychopath, a guy from hell; mad, bad and dangerous to know; someone best to be avoided. Unfortunately, there was no way for you to know this in the beginning; otherwise you would have just run like hell on your first encounter with Mr. Sleazeball. Now you are wiser by experience, also sadder; with a little less trust for people.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Adult.'s New Video

Adult.'s new video 'In My Nerves' can be seen here: Adult's dinner table dynamics (and the discreet charm of bourgeoisie?). Adult.'s new album is called Gimmie Trouble, and it is out on Thrill Jockey.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sauli Niinistö, The Working Class President of Finland?

Sauli Niinistö, the presidential candidate of the right-wing party Kokoomus claims on his recently published campaign ad to be the "President of Working People". I laughed out aloud when this caught my eye on Tuesday's paper.

Mr. Niinistö piously declares on this ad that: "The time of confrontation is over. Finland is the enterprise of all of us. It is time to end the unnecessary confrontation. This concerns both the employees and employers -- the whole working people of today. Without work economy cannot run. And with working economy we cannot take care of the education, health services and good old age".

It is nothing short of grotesque that Finland's leading right-wing party -- which has favoured the neoliberalist politics of cutting off any benefits for the poor, sick and old, and giving even more of them to the elite of the rich -- should now adopt the traditional slogans of the left, about the workers/working people/working class.

Mr. Niinistö who these days works for the European Central Bank used to be the Finnish Minister of Treasury in the aftermath of 1990s recession, and in that job responsible for his part for the political decisions which took benefits away from the very working class whose President he has now declared himself as.

At the same time such MPs of Mr. Niinistö's party Kokoomus as Ben Zyskowicz are notorious for their ongoing populist chase after the people who abuse welfare benefits. The only people in whose welfare Kokoomus seems to have any interest are those well off: the rich and the elite.

So, who do Kokoomus think they are fooling here? How many people they are expecting to buy their cynical lip service?

I don't think the time of confrontation in Finland is over. Far from it. On the contrary, the general discontent is increasing rapidly all the time, sped up by such scandals as the recent squabble over the enormous stock options granted to the directors of the state-owned energy company Fortum. Simultaneously, Finnish pensioners felt generally insulted by the mere five euros' monthly raise to their pensions. No, Mr. Niinistö, the confrontation is just beginning.

Politics in Finland @ Wikipedia

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

First Snow in Tampere...

... fell today, though before too long it turns to sleet and splish-splosh. Usually people wait for summer and feel sad about winter, but for me summer is a drowsy and boring season when nothing happens, and it is only during autumn and winter when my creative energies normally reach their peak. I enjoy the seriousness and, yes, even bleakness of this season. Summer in Finland is like some sort of mistake.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[MP3] Kommandomixes October 2005 Part V

[large image]



Autobass & pHinn: Set II @ Eclectro Lounge, 29 September 2005 [MP3] (Added 24 October 2005)

Herbie Hancock: Rockit [pH]
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax [pH]
Human League: Don't You Want Me [pH]
Bonnie Tyler: Holding Out For A Hero [pH]
Patrick Cowley: Megatron Man [DJ Autobass]
Sylvester: Do Ya Wanna Funk [pH]
S'Express: Theme From S'Express [pH]
Mirage: House Attack (a megamix) [pH]

+ a set by Autobass (no track titles available, sorry)

Mike Not & pHinn: Set III @ Eclectro Lounge, 29 September 2005 [MP3] (Added 24 October 2005)

Mulletronic: Sexual [pH]
Imatran Voima: Commando (SBASSSHIP Remix) [pH]
General Njassa: I'm Young, Natural and Beautiful (US Mix) [pH]

+ a set by Mike Not (no track titles available, sorry)

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 12 October 2005 [MP3]


Blues Section: The East Is Red [pH, bonus track]
Kate Capshaw: Anything Goes [pH]
Lalo Schifrin: Theme from Enter The Dragon [pH]
Kain: Loose Here [pH]
Padded Cell: Signal Failure [pH]
3MB feat. Juan Atkins: Jazz Is The Teacher [pH]

+ a set by Mike Not (no track titles available, sorry, but there's at least Irwin Goodman's 'Häirikkö' and Tapio Rautavaara's 'Tuoppini jäljet mä tunnen'!)

bonus tracks [pH]:

Suomen Talvisota 1939-1940: Takaisin Pekingiin
Kirka: Leijat
Blues Section feat. Otto Donner: Pääskytorni
Siouxsie & The Banshees: Hong Kong Garden
Country Joe & The Fish: Section 43

Tuhmatassu @ Eclectro Lounge, 12 October 2005 [MP3]

Falco: Der Komissar [MN]
+ the "nitku" (Cologne tech-house etc.) set by DJ Tuhmatassu!


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Monday, October 24, 2005

Eclectro Lounge Has Been Shelved

[large image]

Eclectro Lounge of Thursday 20 October 2005 was the last one. It became increasingly frustrating to maintain a club, spend a lot of time and energy to the promotion and advertising when fewer and fewer people bothered to come in. Yes, it's the same whine as usual: in a small country like Finland and a town size of Tampere (pop. 250,000 or something like that) it's hard to keep an ongoing club dedicated to underground music. (Plus there are some other reasons I don't want to go public with.) Anyway, big thanks to Abbas of Apadana that he gave a chance to our club. And of course to all guest DJs who played there: Alexcore, Art Barf-Uncle, Autobass, Lasso800, Matias, Sakke, Sire, Slave To The Beat, Toiminto a.k.a. Joe Nasty and Tuhmatassu.

Now we probably concentrate with Mike Not on the music of Kompleksi, and I hope to have more DJ gigs also in the future for other clubs. The name and concept of Eclectro Lounge are not totally buried, however, but I don't know how probable it would be to continue the club in some other venue.

And this as a comment to a conversation just held with one person (who has nothing to do with Eclectro Lounge): no, I don't think I'm really a cynical bastard. More likely, I am too naïve, don't consider things thoroughly to the end when I should, and sometimes even trust people too much for my own good when I really shouldn't.


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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hair Musical by Tampere Pop Theatre

The Pop Theatre of Tampere was established by Orthodox Youth Association and Finnish Youth Association in autumn 1966. It was to be a rival amateur group and it assumed as early as then its popular character. It is no wonder that "Hair" has become the greatest success of our theatre's history. It has caused an enormous reaction in Finland, taboos have been overturned and the young people of our time have conquered everybody's mind with their absoluteness. The revolution of music, theatre and love has swept over the country and forced professional theatres to estimate the situation anew.

Hair would have hardly ever been performed in Finland without the Pop Theatre. Yet the group from Tampere had been looking for a musical with modern pop music. It found Hair and managed to get the rights of presentatiom. The group had not been busy in vain. It was able to carry its ideas out. The page of the amateur theatre opened in theatre history. There has been more than 140 performances by spring 1970 and the number of spectators is almost 100 000, which is almost the same as that of the largest professional theatres of our country.

The Hair interpretation of the theatre has visited almost every professional theatre in Finland and frequently the main stages of the country in Helsinki.

Also Helsinki got its Hair in November 1969. It is performed by The International Theatre of Finland. The Hair in Kotka will be completed in spring '70 and more is to come. Finland seems to be the promised land of the American hippie musical!

The next première of the Pop Theatre of Tampere will be in May 1970 in Helsinki during the Helsinki Festival Weeks and the group will likely preserve its musical style.

Performances of "Hair" will continue in the Tampere Theatre Summer in August '70 and in Tampereen Teatteri in autumn.

[from the 1970 press release]

Friday, October 21, 2005

[MP3] Kommandomixes October 2005 Part IV

You are by now probably totally fed up with our Kommandomixes created "live" in various states of drunkenness, but here's for you even more schizophonia and unhindered musical bad taste from those pHurry pHreaks of pHinnland... Again, online for a limited time.

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Mike Not [MN] & pHinn [pH]

Tangerine Dream: Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmare [pH]
Lalo Schifrin: Bees, Wasps and Mayflies [pH]
One Dove: Breakdown (Cellophane Boat Mix) [pH]
Yes: Close to the Edge [pH]
(One Dove Reprise) [pH]
Munich Machine: La Nuit Blanche [pH]
Nova: Aurora [MN]
Orient Express: Overture [MN]
Jean Michel Jarre: Ethnicolor [MN]
Giorgio Moroder: Tony's Theme (from "Scarface") [pH]
Jan Hammer: Crockett's Theme [MN]
Taco: Puttin' On The Ritz [MN]
Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Albinoni vs. Star Wars (Part 1&2) [MN]
Jive Bunny: Swing The Mood [MN]
Bob Marley: Exodus [MN]
M.I.A.: Fire Fire [pH]
Orbital: Speed Freak (Moby Mutation) [pH]
Hypnotone: Dream Beam [pH]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set II @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Public Enemy: Rebel Without A Pause [pH]
Pop Group: We Are All Prostitutes [pH]
Talking Heads: Life During Wartime [pH]
Brian Eno: Baby's On Fire [pH]
Superpitcher: Baby's On Fire [pH]
Paperclip People: Throw [pH]
Itäväylä: Black Diamond Express [pH]
Church of Carbon: Bela Lugosi Is Dead [pH]
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix) [MN]
Phuture: We Are The Phuture [MN]
Booster: To The Batcave [MN]
Bam Bam: Where's Your Child [MN]
Brandon Cooke Feat. Roxanne Shante: Sharp As A Knife [MN]
Jahlib Feat. Sheila Chandra: Mysteries Of The East [MN]
Cultural Vibe Feat. Glenn Sweety 'G Toby: Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version) [MN]
Jack'n'Chill: Beatin' The Heat [MN]
Kinkina: Jungle Fever [MN]
Code 61: Drop The Deal [MN]
Baby Ford: Children Of The Revolution [MN]
Download: ? [MN]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set III @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Innerzone Orchestra: People Make The World Go Round (Kenny Dixon, Jr mix) [pH]
Prince & The Revolution: When Doves Cry [pH]
Jimi Tenor: Utopian Dream [pH]
Ilsa Gold: Meine Garage (pH]
Human League: Being Boiled [pH]
Adult.: Hold Your Breath [pH]
Duran Duran: Planet Earth [pH]
Plantains: New Wave Girl (Plantains Nu Wave Mix) [pH]
Ping Pong Bitches: Beat You Up [pH]
The Supremes: Lovechild [pH]
Kompleksi: (I Ain't No) Lovechild [pH]
- ? [MN]
Nitzer Ebb: So Bright So Strong [MN]
OhGr: Majik [MN]
Front 242: Principles [MN]
Section 25: ? [MN]
Nitzer Ebb: Warsaw Ghetto [MN]
Front 242: Master Hit [MN]
Skinny Puppy: Rivers [MN]
PIL: The Order Of Death [MN]
Skinny Puppy: Warlock [MN]

Mike Not & pHinn: Set IV @ Eclectro Lounge, 10 August 2005

Skinny Puppy: Warlock [MN]
A Split Second: Kiss Of Fury [MN]
The Creatures: Don't Go To Sleep Without Me [MN]
The Beatles: Help! [pH]
Brian Eno & David Byrne: Regiment [pH]
DJ Shadow: Lost & Found (S.F.L.) [pH]
Kemialliset Ystävät: Metsä [pH]
Mika Vainio vs Chicks on Speed: Flame On [pH]
Large Number: Shy English Hitler [pH]
Martin Fíerro: The Desert Is A Circle (from "El Topo") [pH]
Paavoharju: Valo tihkuu kaiken läpi [pH]
The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby [pH]
The Supremes: Reflections [pH]


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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness includes among all info on how to keep cats clean. (Don't try this at home, kids, or I'll unleash my mum's cat Regina on you.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

[MP3] Kommandomixes October 2005 Part III

[large image]



Mike Not & pHinn @ manSEDANse Pre-Party, 26 August 2005 (added 17 Oct '05)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Barbarian [pH]
Unidentified Sound Objects v. Kompleksi: Spiders in
the Sky (USO Version) [pH]
Loser: Fun(k) [pH]
LFO: Tied Up [pH]
Maxx Klaxon: Internationale 2000 (Kompleksi vs. Tuomas Rantanen remix) [pH]
Suburban Knight: Maroon [pH]
Kompleksi: SWT NG FCK THNG [pH]
Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega: No Alternatives [pH]
Kompleksi vs. Club Telex Noise Ensemble: Kompleksi [pH]

(sorry, Mike Not's tracklist not available)

Sire & Lasso800 @ Eclectro Lounge, 14 September 2005 (added 17 Oct '05)

(sorry, no tracklist available)

pHinn @ manSEDANse, 23 September 2005 (added 17 Oct '05)

"Hyvät kuulijat, tämä tarina on tosi" [bonus track]
Faust: Why Don't You Eat Carrots? [bonus track]
Maxx Klaxon vs Club Telex Noise Ensemble feat. Chicks on Speed: Here For One Reason
Autechre: Flutter
BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Dr. Who Theme
Bruce Haack: Mean Old Devil
Wagon Christ: How You Really Feel?
Gescom: ?
DJ Shadow: Zimbabwe Legit

[bonus tracks:]

Kid606: Luke Vibert Can Kiss My Indie-Punk Whiteboy Ass
Unidentified Sound Objects: Urkilla
Large Number: Shy English Hitler
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Bedazzled
Pearls Before Swine: Playmate
Georg Liemola & Easy Riders: Rica Levis
Irwin Goodman: Haista itse vaan
Fantômas: Rosemary's Baby
Kevin Blechdom: Love You From The Heart
Laila Kinnunen: Vain päivän tahdon kerrallaan
Tapio Rautavaara: Korttipakka

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 29 September 2005 (added 17 Oct '05)

Mike Not [MN, sorry, tracklist not available] & pHinn [pH].

(note: some static may occur once and then)

Steve Miller Band: Macho City [pH]
Loose Joints: Tell You (Today) [pH]
Dyke & The Blazers: Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man [pH]
The Jimmy Castor Bunch: It's Just Begun [pH]
The Headhunters: God Made Me Funky [pH]
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band: Apache [pH]
West Street Mob: Break Dancin' Electric Boogie [pH]
C.O.D.: In The Bottle [pH]
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: Scorpio [pH]
Bomb The Bass: Megablast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
feat. Merlin [pH]
Yello: Bostich [pH]


All soundfiles available @ pHinnWeb.

In all our mixes we are committed to Kommandomix Manifesto.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cosmic Play / Money (That's What I Want)

Finnish TV 1 just showed a documentary film on Kati Sinenmaa who has chosen to live outside society in a forest stone hut built by herself. Yes, perhaps she's an eccentric freak, but as someone who has lived as unemployed since February 2001 and has struggled to make the ends meet somewhere in the margins of society, I can really relate to someone like this (especially since Sinenmaa has built her own "Web empire" too). When a person makes a decision not to prostitute oneself and drops out of the rat race, s/he will not exactly receive understanding from fellow human beings, but lives under the constant threat of being cast off and marginalised. Therefore you just have to admire her conviction.

Cosmic Play is a documentary film about Kati Sinenmaa's pursuit to live outside the society. Spring 2001 she gave up her Helsinki city rental apartment and moved to a small forest section right in the middle of the busiest intersections of railroads and bridges in Pasila, Helsinki.

Kati builds from stones a massive wall against the society. The stronghold becomes the very image of her soul: the inner being of an artist has been taken out, yet the society wants to put it in again. Kati Sinenmaa does not adapt to the lifestyle expected by the society. She does not hold a job, she does neither rent an apartment nor receive any support from the society. All her clothes and meals are donations or picked from the trash cans. She tries to be free and bound less. However, the free Internet service is the link that binds her back to the society. In the film we'll follow Kati Sinenmaa's life for four years, from moving to the woods all the way to Spring 2005. Living in the woods is full of challenges. The society Kati attempts to leave behind, does not leave her in peace.

She pours out everything at her web pages and also in the bountiful dozens of pages of replies to the demands of the society. She starts to live at the same time in the Internet, in the reality of the mind, in the physical reality and in the spirit world in between.

"Everyone has a role in this cosmic play. We all have a purpose to fulfill. We should all realize that we are part of this big play. Just like the characters in Dante's Divine Comedy, that's us".

Sad to say that I'm not personally as courageous person and of as strong principles as Sinenmaa: lately I've started to think that just receiving a big monthly stack of money would probably be the best anti-depressant for me, and nothing else... pHinn, the would-be Happy Hooker? And why is it that I always hear to this the old "money does not bring you happiness" cliché from people who hold well-paid jobs themselves...?

The best things in life are free
But you can keep 'em for the birds and bees
Now give me money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Your lovin' gives me a thrill
But your lovin' don't pay my bills
Now give me money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Money don't get everything, it's true
What it don't get, I can't use
Now give me money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Money don't get everything, it's true
What it don't get, I can't use
Now give me money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Well, now give me money (that's what I want)
A lot of money (that's what I want)
Whoa, yeah, I wanna be free (that's what I want)
Whoa, a lot of money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want

Well, now give me money (that's what I want)
A lot of money (that's what I want)
Whoa, yeah, you owe me money (that's what I want)
Oh, now give me money (that's what I want)
That's what I want (that's what I want), yeah
That's what I want.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kompleksi on The Brain and Feedback Monitor's Playlists

The Brain (from France, I think) have included Kompleksi's 'Moscow 1980' on their playlist #63 (October 2005). You can download the whole show as MP3 here.

01’ 17” - FRANCOIS DE ROUBAIX - Le jardinier fou - Universal - 1974/2005
03’ 17” - BURCH RENDERS & REDUCER MAMA - Turbo polka - Domizil - 2004
07’ 08” - KOMPLEKSI - Moscow nigteen eighty - Lal Lal Lal - 2005
12’ 02” - CANDIE HANK - Violenta (Töte suite) - Nneon - 2005
14’ 04” - FLESHHOUSE - Good vibrations - Re-constriction Records - 1993
17’ 30” - STEREOLAB - Dimension M2 - Lou records - 2005
21’ 30” - KAP BAMBINO - Enhate - Wwilko - 2005
24’ 42” - LUCKY DRAGONS - Lucky Dragons - Ultra Eczema - 2005
25’ 17” - NINO ROTA - Répétition d’orchestre - Sony 1978/1998
27’ 36” - ANAEROBIC ROBOTS - Spiders everywhere - Gagarin records - 2005
30’ 47” - DINO MARTINI - C’est ça - WSDP - 2005
33’ 50” - PHON.O - Kitchen - Detroit Underground - 2004
38’ 18” - FELIX KUBIN - Shakin' Tundra (Explicit Mix) - Meeuw - 2005
41’ 58” - MICHEL MAGNE - OSS 117 danse le Hully Gully - Universal - 1963/2005
45’ 04” - AMNESIE - Attention à tes doigts petit lapin - Ego Twister - 2005
48’ 08” - JEAN MICHEL DEFAYE - Quiproquos bresiliens - Vogue BMG - 1963/1998
50’ 10” - GANGPOL UND MIT - La mélodie - Wwilko - 2005
52’ 23” - HELGOLAND - US Zorba - Nneon - 2005
54’ 17” - KEVIN BLECHDOM - 4merly4mally4mula - Tigerbeat6 - 2002
55’ 55” - MAN FROM URANUS - Satellite link to Sun Ra - Autoproduced - 2004
57’ 52” - MICHEL MAGNE - Tempo danger - Universal - 1964/2005
59’ 36” - FREDERIK SCHIKOWSKI - Indicatif The Brain 1.3 - Unreleased - 2004

By the way, it's funny that 'Moscow 1980' (which was in fact based on an instrumental track of the mighty Polytron) has proved to be a more popular track (at least judging by its frequency on playlists) than the same single's other side '(I Ain't No) Lovechild' (which is completely an original Kompleksi track). I'm quite satisfied with the 'Moscow' track, except for the fact that the version on the single was taken straight from our demo, and I would have liked to re-record the vocals. Now having to listen to them gives me creeps every time, and you can interpret this any way you want... Well, there will be a new version on Kompleksi's first album, whenever we will get that one out (record labels, come to our help now!). Anyway, Kompleksi's road has always been extremely rocky and slow (for various reasons), so don't except anything to happen too soon now.


Oh, also Feedback Monitor (Canada) has played the same track, already in last May, but I googled this info only now:

radio: playlist: may 24th, 2005

Kompleksi "Moscow 1980" Lovechild / Moscow 1980 7" Lal Lal Lal
DJ /rupture "Sickle Cell" Redux 12" Broklyn Beats
1-Speed Bike "Will Death Stop Lenny Kravitz's Ego?" Klootzak Keizer Broklyn Beats
Like A Stuntman "Kingkongs" Fresh Air Is Not The Worst Thing In Town Highpoint Lowlife
Hexes & Ohs "Alive Until Saturday Night" Goodbye Friend, Hello Lover Noise Factory
Kid Koala "Page 298" Live From The Short Attention Span Audio Theatre Tour Ninja Tune
Galaxy 9 feat. Martino "Jury Duty" Peripheral Vision [compilation] Periphery
Jonah K. "Secrets of the Gnomes" Periphery Recordings 2005 EP [compilation] Periphery
Galaktlan "Laanetaguse" Laanetaguse Suvi EP Kohvi
Text Adventure "Let's Us Get Wrong Tonight" The Golden Portion Skylab Operations
McPullish "Wild Monarch's Dub" Barn Rockers Charlie's
Mahogany Frog "Baroque" On Blue indie
Jaga Jazzist "Stardust Hotel" What We Must Ninja Tune
Trico! "Garnet" Love Home Flyrec
Akumu "Come For Festival?" Magmas Spider
Cyclotimia "Algorithms" Eschaton Stateart
L.E.A.K. track 5 Redemption Stateart
Andrey Kiritchenko "Good Of Bad" True Delusion Nexsound / Spekk


Friday, October 14, 2005

Maggie Thatcher 80 Years

Maggie Thatcher, the former British Prime Minister and "Iron Lady" of UK politics, whose best mates included Ronnie Raygun and Augusto Pinochettio, turns 80. pHinnWeb congratulates (don't click if you're under 18).

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

EcLECTRO LOUNGE #22 on Wednesday 12 October 2005

[large image]

pHinnWeb Kommando Squad presents:

China & Far East Special!

Wednesday 12 October 2005
@ Apadana, Suvantokatu 7-9, Tampere, Finland
Age limit 18
Free entry!

Kompleksi DJs Mike Not & pHinn play electroindiegroove.

Guest DJs: Tuhmatassu (T:re)

More info, old flyers gallery, some party pics, etc.:

Some old Eclectro Lounge sets as MP3s and beyond:

New Kommandomixes: October 2005, Part II

[large image]


New Kommandomixes (from manSEDANse Pre-Party 26 August 2005 and Eclectro Lounge 14 September 2005) at pHinnWeb. NOTE: online only for a limited time!

Mike Not & ?: Set I @ manSEDANse Pre-Party, 26 August 2005 [MP3] (added 10 Oct '05)

(Sorry, no tracklist available.)

Mike Not: Set II & Myrkky-Antti @ manSEDANse Pre-Party, 26
August 2005
[MP3] (added 10 Oct '05)

(Sorry, no tracklist available.)

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 14 September 2005 [MP3] (added 10 Oct '05)


Kelpe: Look For Shiny Things [pH]
Richard Coleman Devine: (two untitled tracks from Schematic 005) [pH]
Kelpe: Cross Legged Breakfast [pH]
Philus: Tele-ctro [pH]
Skanfrom: Mr. Robot Is Dead/Goobye, Mr. Robot/A Fax [pH]
Kraftwerk: Man Machine [pH]
(Mike Not tracks as yet untitled... [MN])

Mike Not & pHinn: Set II Eclectro Lounge, 14 August 2005 [MP3] (added 10 Oct '05)


(Mike Not tracks as yet untitled... [MN])
Daniel Wang: Pistol Oderso [pH]
Antonelli Electr. feat. Miss Kittin: The Vogue [pH]
Kitbuilders: Wake Up (Techno World RMX by Bolz Bolz) [pH]
Like A Tim: Legs [pH]
Chicks On Speed: We Don't Play Guitars [pH]
Yukari Fresh: Break (Headman Remix) [pH]
Prince: Hot Thing (Extended Remix) [pH]
Skatebård: Metal Chix [pH]
LFO: Tied Up [pH]
Rude 66: Black Sabbath [pH]
Freddy Fresh: Flotsom [pH]

All soundfiles available @ pHinnWeb

In all our mixes we are committed to Kommandomix Manifesto

Monday, October 10, 2005

Koskipuisto Bulletin Board

An architect working for the City of Tampere criticises on Sunday's Aamulehti the shabby outlook of Tampere's downtown, mentioning among all this public bulletin board of the Koskipuisto Park, where I have been sticking also Eclectro Lounge's posters.

On the other hand, Saturday's free tabloid Tamperelainen tells that a multinational advertising company JCDecaux has a contract with the City of Tampere until the mid-2010s for outdoor advertising. For this deal JCDecaux provides for the City of Tampere its bus stop canopies and their maintenance. Furthermore, as part of this deal, JCDecaux doesn't have to pay rent for its advertisement stands to the City of Tampere. (JCDecaux received some notoriety recently when it stopped the outdoor ad campaign of the animal rights organisation Animalia.)

The tendency here is quite clear: the ads of small underground clubs (with no large advertisement budgets) are an aesthetic nuisance. The glossy underwear and beer ads of JCDecaux, obviously, are not.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

[MP3] Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega: "Betrayal"

Here is another demo track as collaboration of Kompleksi and Citizen Omega. The lyrics are inspired by some people I've known...

Kompleksi vs. Citizen Omega: "Betrayal" [MP3]


Here I stand before a firing squad
because of someone I mistook for a friend
No cigarettes or last wishes
just waiting for my end

We worked the resistance
under the eyes of the occupation army
Sharing secrets and codewords
he was our best man, so I heard

He liked to talk and convince people
persuasion was his game
Shaking hands and flashing smiles
every night he had a new dame



His shoes were always perfectly shining
at the finest bistros he was dining
His talk seemed to hypnotise
you were in his pockets to utilise

He was always awfully nice
but I guess everyone has their price
How was I to know
he had no soul


Walking that no man's land
between diplomacy and duplicity
He had the world at his fingertips
but loose lips sink ships

Mind betrays the deceitful eyes
and deceitful words betray
untrue eyes

Mind betrays the deceitful eyes
and deceitful words betray
untrue eyes

He was an incredibly swell guy
the best turncoat money could buy
Had to be on the side of the winner
somebody had to pay for his dinner

In the end you stand alone
these people won't admit they once knew you
I knew what fate had for me in store
in the middle of night a knock on my door


This lonely courtyard at dawn
morning dew still covers the lawn
I hear the church bells chime
as I close my eyes for the last time


And more Kompleksi news:

The famous Finnish house music artist and DJ Jori Hulkkonen has played Kompleksi's "Moscow 1980" on his September 16 2005 radio show Klubi on YLEX:

Tracklist: Klubi 16.09.2005
Jori Hulkkonen

DNA: La Serenissima (ZYX)
Star You Star Me: Sweet Things (Ian Pooley Dub) (Moodmusic)
Juho Kahilainen: Prankster Calling (Initial Cuts)
Kalle-M: Dom (Frozen North)
Phonogenic: It Came From 1984 (Phonogenic Audio)
Kompleksi with Polytron: Moscow 1980 (Lal lal lal)
Laurent Garnier: Barbiturik Blues (C2 remix) (F Communications)
ScanX: Emotion (F...U! Fcom!)
Röyksopp: 49 Percent (Angello & Ingrosso Remix) (Wall Of Sound)
* * *
Live: Hundarna Från Söder @ Public Service, 2004

Please Don't
* * *
Onur Özer: 1996 (Freude Am Tanzen)
Ken Laszlo: Don't Cry (Beat Box)
When In Rome: The Promise (10 Records)



Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New Kommandomixes: October 2005, Part I

[large image]


New Kommandomixes (from Eclectro Lounge 24 August 2005) at pHinnWeb. NOTE: online only for a limited time!

Mike Not & pHinn: Set I @ Eclectro Lounge, 24 August 2005 [MP3] (added 3 Oct '05)

Mike Not: Set II & Slave To The Beat @ Eclectro Lounge, 24 August 2005 [MP3] (added 3 Oct '05)

Mike Not & pHinn: Set III @ Eclectro Lounge, 24 August 2005 [MP3] (added 3 Oct '05)

Mike Not & pHinn: Set IV Eclectro Lounge, 24 August 2005 [MP3] (added 3 Oct '05)

[large image]

The Great Electroclash Swindle @ Eclectro Lounge 24 August 2005 - tracklists:

Mike Not [MN] & pHinn [pH]

Set I:

Cerrone: Supernature [pH]
BBC Radiophonic Workshop/Ron Grainer: Theme from Dr. Who [pH]
Nu Science: My Star [pH]
Visage: Frequency 7 (Dance Mix) [pH]
Japan: Quiet Life [pH]
Heaven 17: Come Live With Me [pH]
Gary Numan: Down In The Park [pH]
John Foxx: Underpass [pH]
Ultravox: Mr. X [pH]
Kraftwerk: Sex Object (Never Released Demo Mix) [MN]
Jean Michel-Jarre: Revolution (12" Version) [MN]
Nitzer Ebb: Control I'm Here (Razormaid Mix) [MN]
The Art Of Noise feat. Tom Jones: Kiss (Battery Mix) [MN]
Cabaret Voltaire: Sensoria [MN]
Jam On The Mutha: Hotel California (Orb In Cali Mix 1) [MN]
Psyche: Unveiling The Secret (Razormaid Mix) [MN]

Set II:

Kraftwerk : Das Model [MN]
Front 242: Rhythm Of Time (Razormaid Mix) [MN]
[The set by DJ Slave To The Beat]

Set III:

Chicks on Speed: Euro Trash Girl [pH]
Soft Cell: Tainted Love (Extended) [pH]
Classix Nouveaux: Guilty [pH]
Adult.: Nausea (Mega-Blend) [pH]
Depeche Mode: A Question of Time (Extended Remix) [pH]
Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin: Silver Screen (Shower Scene) [pH]
Christopher Just: I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer) [pH]
Ulysses: Aviator Sunglasses [pH]
Jimi Tenor: Take Me Baby (Finnish Bassboy Mix) [pH]
David Carretta: Ca Plane Pour Moi [pH]
Jeans Team: Keine Melodien [pH]
David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes [pH]
I-f: Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass [pH]
Dead Or Alive: Lover Come Back To Me (12" Mix) [MN]
Dead Or Alive: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) [MN]
Pet Shop Boys: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) [MN]
A-ha: The Sun On Shines On T.V. [MN]
Maurice Joshua: I Got A Big Dick [MN]
DJ Pierre: Box Energy [MN]
Mike Hitman Wilson: Bango Acid [MN]
Lindell Towsell: Jackin Tail [MN]

Set IV:

V.L. & The Porch Monkeys: Hello Lover [MN]
Fazer: Technological Crime [MN]
The Soul Power feat. Jay Glow: Soul Power [MN]
Depeche Mode: Nodisco [MN]
Dopplereffekt: Pornoactress [MN]
Mental Cube: Q [MN]
? [MN]
? [MN]
Elecktroids: ? [MN]
New Order: Subculture (LP Version) [pH]
Pet Shop Boys: Always On My Mind [pH]
Chicks on Speed: Glamour Girl [pH]
Stereo Total: Super Girl [pH]
Schneider TM vs. KPT.Michi.Gan: The Light 3000 (a.k.a. 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' by The Smiths) [pH]
Leevi and the Leavings: Muotitietoinen [pH]
Human League: Don't You Want Me [pH]
Ladytron: Discotraxx [pH]
Visage: Fade To Grey (Dance Mix) [pH]
Gary Numan: Cars [pH]
Interpol: Evil [pH]

All soundfiles available @ pHinnWeb

In all our mixes we are committed to Kommandomix Manifesto

Saturday, October 01, 2005

pHinnWeb Chart October 2005...

... is here. Pretty lame and unsexy, isn't it? What is happening when old progressive rock is getting interesting for me? I guess there's always in me a part who loves "big concepts" (in other words, the pomposity of it all), complicated storylines, the general complexity of form, though I would never have believed, for example, that I would have gotten into a band like Genesis, but there's something in their album Lamb Lies Down On Broadway that keeps me in its hold. On the other hand the surreal story there feels like total nonsense (which is not a bad thing in my books, though), a belated 1960s art school LSD trip, but the album's musical parts and varying moods retain their interest somehow for me. Anyway, the roots of progressive rock were in 60s psychedelia, which has always been one of my favourite musical eras: not that hippie lifestyle in itself, but the total stylistical weirdness and unhindered experimentation of some of the music produced those days. And perhaps you could even hear some "progressive" ethos in the later albums of such new wave bands as The Wire, though punk, of course, did its best to erase all earlier musical/stylistical connections that might have been there. Art schools, so much to answer for...