Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring the Merciless

Spring has finally arrived to Tampere. Sun, that merciless burning eye in the sky, makes strange things to one's hormonal balance, and the effects are not always pleasant. Love and romance? Don't make me laugh. Once again that feeling of being a Ghost at Noon as if being helplessly lost in some painting by DeChirico. Those miserable byproducts of society (in whom one perhaps glimpses one's impending future), bums and mental cases have crept out of their holes after a long dark winter: at their most harmless just annoying, at their worst downright scary. Sometimes one feels being only one thread away from them, only just... One learns to trace every step carefully, always on the lookout on what's or who's ahead. Geography of Fear. Just think that some total stranger would like to blow your head off. Just because it's there. No other reason really.

Self-medication? Thanks, but I'm on a reality trip, and after all these years my armour is stronger than ever. Hey, these days it's my task to keep you standing, not vice versa. Take it as it comes, even if it comes hard. You can keep your co-dependencies and personal problems; as for me, I'm on a mission.

Flying sand from the roads gets into one's eyes, nostrils and mouth. It's bad enough already if one is allergic too. Nevertheless, one strolls on.

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