Monday, September 18, 2006


We are working on one major project now (about which I'd rather be talking only when we've got more of it together), so I haven't had time to update this blog much lately, and I don't think it would serve its purpose too much, either, if I only kept linking some favourite video clips of mine from YouTube here.

Judging by comments from certain people it's funny that I might have appeared a somewhat depressed person in the past or perhaps might have talked about it too much here if I've been under the weather myself. So I started to seriously think about it, and decided I don't want to talk about those personal emotions in public, as if computer screen was some sort of confession grill for me. At least not that much that I have before. Because I realise how gratuituous that sort of wallowing in the mud of personal depressions can appear for the people who have to keep witnessing it. It's a vicious circle ultimately leading nowhere unless a person has enough will to do a conscious decision to get out of that rut. (I'm talking mostly about myself, of course, not exactly anyone else's situation.) We live in a therapy culture of self-victimization, and being a victim is one role I don't want be perceived as. As for me, I guess being able to work and create constantly is the exact thing that keeps me happy.

So, it seems I might be running out of topics here if it concerns my own psycho-geography. Perhaps this blog will be less personal and more a "bulletin board" announcing our own projects, and occasionally writing and linking about things that I find myself interesting. As you have noticed, this change has been going on for awhile already, and will probably continue. I don't know when I'm going to talk to you again, so till then: may you keep walking in the light.