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Kompleksi's Album Out Now

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Kompleksi's debut album Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco on Helsinki's Verdura Records (of Magyar Posse fame) is finally out.

Artist: Kompleksi
Title: Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco
Format: 12" vinyl LP (limited edition of 500) VERDU-24
Label: Verdura Records (Finland)
Date: 15 October 2008

A1. (I Ain't No) Lovechild
A2. Spiders In The Sky
A3. Porno Tampere
A4. Gothic Robots
A6. Metal Sky
B1. Bioluminescence
B2. Moscow 1980
B3. Sara Pain
B4. The Only Star In My Sky

Length: 49 minutes

Click this link to order the album directly from Verdura Records!

The album is distributed in Finland by Supersounds Music.

And this is what Supersounds tells about the release:

Tamperelaisen duon (Erkki "pHinn" Rautio & Mika "Mike Not" Paju) debyyttialbumi.
-Yhtyeen oma kuvaus musiikista on "eclectro", eli monimuotoista ja mihinkään selkeään kategoriaan kuulumatonta konemusiikkia.
-Omintakeista ja taatusti hämmentävää, tarttuvia kappaleita unohtamatta.
-Laulaja Erkki pyörittää maailmanlaajuisesti tunnettua -konemusiikkisivustoa.
-Lo-fi -estetiikka on kansia myöten hyvin hallussa!

I will add later on more info about the shops where to get it and also the international distribution that is in plans too. For now, you can find the album for example at

  • If Society Shop
  • Pitkämies
  • CD-Kauppa.Fi
  • Levyliiga
  • Swamp Music

    Meanwhile, if you live outside of Finland and want to get your hands on the album now, I recommend you contact Verdura directly for more. It's a shining black vinyl with a limited edition of 500, so act while the stock lasts!

    Album reviews:

    Soundi (in Finnish) - 4 stars out of 5!

  • Desibeli.Net (in Finnish)

    Also, the video of our debut gig of 3 October at Lal Lal Lal Festival (Kantis, Helsinki) can be seen at YouTube now.

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    On the whole Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco album:

    "I'm pleased to see that Kompleksi have completed the new album Sister Longlegs Dances In The Disco... It continues the strange and dark Kompleksi sound which is impossible to define."

    "The album has strong elements of electro with the drum sounds, synths kicking in for the track but pHinn's vocals make for the unique end product. Some tracks are jagged, with the vocals heavily over the synths which create the truly dark sound distinctive of Kompleksi."

    "A terrific overall feel to the album that will sound like no other album you have ever heard. Its hard and heavy at times and wonderfully dark." - Peter Sykes, Electrosynth blog (UK)

    On '(I Ain't No) Lovechild' / 'Moscow 1980' 7" single (Lal Lal Lal Records, Finland, 2005):

    "Complete with jittery bubbling bass-synth lines and vocoder, these are 2 fine European retro-electronic-pop songs.”
    – Boa Melody Bar (UK)

    "I like it very much, some beautiful singing going on there, very cool!"
    - Catriona Shaw a.k.a. Miss Le Bomb, (Scotland/Germany)

    On '(I Ain't No) Lovechild' track:

    "'What the Hell are you staring at?' sneers a voice at the start of '(I Ain't No) Lovechild' by Kompleksi, which pretty much sets the tone for the rest of this song: a cynical, whiney, complain-y voice (that sounds like Devo after they finally lost their virginity) over crumpled H. League/Robert Rental tape-drums and synthmooosh-bass and splatchy percussives. There's a jagged, art-punk feel to this: it's charity-shop, not cat-walk...I love the way they've hoovered all the glam out of synthpop and drawn a felt-tip sneer and a Mona Lisa moustache on its face." - Kek, Kid Shirt blog (UK)

    "There is a spooky Ramones-esque quality to the track '(I Ain't No) Lovechild', the lyrics tell a story of an unloved one, beaten & neglected by his mother and life in general. Delivered in deadpan fashion, it's wickedly entertaining and deliciously cruel." - Ann Shenton, Zoot magazine (Portugal)

    "[I Ain't No] Lovechild läßt noch den Einfluß von SUICIDE erahnen. Rhythmisch-tanzbarer Low-Fi No-Wave. pHinns Gesang versucht sich mit dem Alan Vegas zu messen - zumindest in der ersten Hälfte des Liedes, bevor er kapituliert. Tribut und Parodie gehen hier Hand in Hand. Textlich wird wohl die versuchte Aufarbeitung einer nicht einfachen Kindheit geschildert, auch hier ist man sich nicht sicher, wie ernst das Ganze gemeint ist." - Richard K., NonPop (Germany)

    "It is charming -- especially those wildcat yelps on the ‘Lovechild’ turnarounds."
    - Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman, Blastitude (US)

    "Kompleksi (Finland) are the Ramones on synths" - Likwuid Stylez, (UK)

    On 'Porno Tampere' track:

    "I still love [the] track 'Porno Tampere' very much!"
    - Gerhard Potuznik a.ka. G.D. Luxxe, Angelika Koehlermann Records (Austria)

    On 'Moscow: 1980' track

    “It sounds like it ought to sound like Telex, but opts instead for some sort of parallel universe rewrite of US foreign policy, aided by vocoders, clipped synthetik beats and Daniel Miller's dusty old Korg. It has a strange, twisted, shimmery beauty as it cruises the red-light district of Helsinki with a limp... imagine if Swell Maps had mugged Depeche Mode for their clothes and ended up on TOTP. Yeeeah!"

    "What? Ever? Happened? To? Your? Dreams?" asks the vocalist, on the outro. For a moment, he sounds close to tears. Or drunk." - Kek, Kid Shirt blog (UK)

    "'Moscow 1980' is the hit single destined to rocket up the charts, if it's not on high rotation on MTV in three months then you can spank me HARD. Even if it is, you can still spank me HARD. This is the perfect tune to have in your ultra-cool record crate next to your Finnish version of 'Moscow Moscow (Volga, Volga)."
    - Tim Bray a.k.a. Casionova (Australia)

    "Its not at all predictable, but then not so dark to lose the warmth of the synths which sound really retro, but with a nice edge that makes it a special track." - Peter Sykes, ElectroSynth blog (UK)

    "To let you know that 'Moscow 1980' was one of the best songs of 2003, actually of the last years... the OMD style might be the best. [pHinn's] vocals reminisced my girlfriend of Ian Curtis!" - Juho Pätäri (Finland)

    On 'Sara Pain' track:

    "I like the 'Sara Pain' track very much!" - Danny Wolfers a.k.a. Legowelt (Holland)

    "That track is deeply touching in how fragile and open it is. Few would dare."
    - Kassen, Bunker Records (Holland)

    On Kompleksi:

    "I really like the vocals and music as well, pure own style... More music like this on MTV and on the radio, the people need it, but don't realize it in a 'perfect' world like this..." - Lukas Pettersson a.k.a. Luke Eargoggle, Stilleben Records (Sweden)

    "I'm listening to Kompleksi now, it's very entertaining. Really nice, sounds like you guys had loads of fun. You must have kicked the Prozac." - Melissa Logan / Chicks On Speed (Germany)

    "Wow, nice tracks from Kompleksi! It's like Residents, Flipper and Moroder all trying to fit into the same pair of swimtrunks! Great shit. pHinn has inspired and continues to inspire with his great website, labels and projects. Rock on brothers!" – Magas, Ersatz Audio etc. (Chicago, USA)

    "Kompleksi is what pop wants to be... My two cents? Vocals are perfect. [pHinn's] voice sounds how my heart feels. Spot on. Intonations are magically simple. Better music could not be made to support the vox, so pass it it on. Can't wait for a full length. From a fan in Brooklyn" - Jason Watts (New York City, USA)

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